Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Day that Would NOT End....

We begin with Tuesday - just a couple of highlights.  We discovered a squirrel in our Bible Study room.  When finalizing our United order I deleted myself. ::snort::
I got my Bible Reading done (I really think I AM going to be done in 90 days) and was at the base at 9:30 for a tax appointment. The poor dear was a bit rattled, evidently. She informed me that I wasn't allowed more than 4 dependents. She also didn't think I had to claim the AK PFD $ on our federal taxes. (Both are false assumptions).
The appt took longer than expected, and I missed the gym.
Home to do some school.
Fired up Turbo Tax.....fielded several calls from the nice tax folks at the base...I'm getting a much bigger refund from Turbo the plan is to look at them side by side and figure out what is going on.
Off to get my hair done.
Ah - Mike is working late to write OPR's and Medal packages - that will not be understood unless you are military, but I'm too tired to rewrite tonight. ::snort::
Jamin is working. Jared and Josiah went out on the town with friends.
The littles and I headed to the gym for that workout I missed this a.m. Brawling in the Family Fitness room cut that a bit shorter than I would have liked. ::Sigh::
More Turbo Tax printing.....
Kids are settling down, I'm showering and going to go read or something....
Lance Mackay won the Iditarod....we were pulling for King or Buser....But Buser played the best trick on the officials....I think he should get a bonus. Darshia, thanks so much for sending the insert from the paper and the posters. We really loved the one with all of Mackay's dogs. It is cool that he won both the Yukon Quest and the Iditarod two years in a row....OK it IS cool he won. LOL