Thursday, June 15, 2023

Thankful Thursday

I channeled my caterer friend and it WORKED. We had a jam-packed day. I didn't stress or snip at my family. I was able to relax and enjoy all the people. I envisioned a blog post that made perfect sense, but I forgot to take some of the key photos....I've decided instead this will be a day in the life....

I had done as much as I could early.  I finished things up in good time...for Lindsey and Shannon to arrive for brunch. Allie worked an 0600 - 1000 shift so she could be here for brunch and dinner tonight. 

Young pastors and less young pastors. ::snort:: 

We waited for the goodbye as long as possible. We had a goodbye church service, and a goodbye lunch, but they left the valley this evening, so the reality is today's goodbye brunch is our "see you later."  We DID discuss the possibility of one of the girls going to Evangel. ::snort:: 

Yes, this one hurts. My people just won't stay put! I so imagined they stayed put in civilian life. Bre had sent me photos of her Mother's Day rose earlier in the week and told me the thoughts she was having that went along with it. I looked this a.m. during my quiet time and MY ROSE IS DOING THE SAME THING!  The rose was and fragrant. Eventually the bloom began to look a bit bedraggled. Bre's died. Mine is still hanging in....She said this reminded her of her friendship with Lindsey.  (Stay with me). It's beautiful in its season. 

But look! From the STEM of that flower is growing NEW SHOOTS. As this season comes to an end God is faithful to bring new life in the new season.  It's a cool visual and I put the bedraggled flower in the center of my table all day as I remind me...seasons change, and it's sad and you DO lose something...but new shoots begin and new life is worth being protected, cultivated and celebrated too. 

Shannon, Lindsey, Me, Michael, Stacia, GG, Allie📷 by Shannon

📷 by Shannon

The girls and I had an appointment to get our eyebrows waxed. We ran out and did that and delivered some stuff to Bre from Lindsey. 

The girls both drifted off for naps. I started in on a ham for dinner. I have never bought a ham with the rind/skin still on it. HOWEVER, that is what came in my click list. I was following the internet directions on how to slit and slide the skin off...when I, once again, filleted my thumb. The ham did turn out good. I saved the recipe and will give this another try. 

Cory and Arielle showed up and DID OUR YARD AGAIN today. What a blessing. I was planning on doing it tomorrow (as much as I could). We have several more engagements before Sunday and Michael is preaching so I knew he didn't have time to do it...but I really love it when it IS done...and as always - there is still lots I can do if I get the time....but this is lovely. 

They bring snacks for the boys, and they jump on the trampoline while their Mom and Dad mow. We invited them to stay for dinner, but they were heading home for pizza and movies. 
Benny, Little Buddy & Danny in the back 

We had new friends over tonight...Verdie and Cathy and Daniel and Andrea and their two children. It was a wonderful night as we sat around the table and shared some of our stories. I look forward to being part of their stories going forward. 

And so, we celebrated both the bloom and the new shoot today. I am thankful for both seasons. I am thankful for the people God is faithful to bring into our lives. I am thankful for the season past and the season going forward. I am so very thankful our story intersected with Shannon and Lindsey's story. God has done and is doing a good thing.  
Imagine people sitting around the table sharing a meal, laughter and life....I forgot to take a picture until I was cleaning up. LOL