Sunday, May 28, 2023

Surprise Afternoon Visitors

Millie began to go WILD, alerting us to the fact that we had surprise afternoon visitors. I opened the door and Little Buddy ran in chattering away about "the car." He was very excited.  The batter was charging. Papa was the hero. He heard them arrive and went for the battery. LOL 

Who knew we should warn them about not going off road? They needed Papa to help tow them out...they were stuck good and proper. 

Little Buddy did great with t-ball. He and Papa have developed a sweet relationship. 

The trampoline is up and getting lots of use! 

The moral of THIS story is NEVER listen to the expert at the paint counter over your husband. We SHOULD have primed these tables regardless of the quality of paint we used. A goal this summer is to strip, prime and paint again.  Meanwhile, we had a lovely time peeling paint off the tables. 

It's lovely to be outside! Everything is so green. The boys collected a new bouquet of flowers for the girls and I. 

It really is spring... Oh! Stacia let Millie outside with the kids. She usually keeps Millie locked up when kids are here. She gets very excited. Millie did great. Maybe we can let her play outside when visitors are over this summer. We shall see.