Tuesday, March 20, 2007


gives Michael a copy of his book, I still need to call you Becky and get your copy off to you....

Saturday - The day was spent checking out all the systems on the trailer, loading the trailer etc.

Sunday - We left for the local lake. This is not to be a "camping" trip per se....but a chance for us to try out all the systems on the trailer before we leave. It also gets ALL of us away from home, so that no one knows where we are and we can reconnect. Josiah ran into town for a graduation meeting.

Monday - More fun at the lake....geocaching, basketball, tennis, playgrounds, crochet, boccie (photos will follow when the camera is here). Mike had to go to base to begin in-processing.

Tuesday - Mike had to go to base early this a.m. to finish in-processing. The orderly room told him that he has two weeks off starting WEDNESDAY (tomorrow). Because of other obligations we have decided not to leave and go camping until the 27th. This may give us time to work on that Honey Do list before we hit the trail.

Mike wants to spend another night at the lake tonight...we will. We're home now. I'm making produce co-op calls (letting everyone know we are not doing produce NEXT Fri. as I'll be camping), doing a bit of laundry, grabbing food and clothes for another night at the lake. Mike has gone to the RV dealer to buy other little things he's discovered we need on this quick "camping" trip.

We're having a blast. We'll be in contact when we get home.....more photos tomorrow....I knew I should have grabbed the camera when we left to come back to the house.