Tuesday, November 24, 2020

A Day At Home

An update: There are still waves or sudden attacks of symptoms in the midst of feeling pretty good - but it is better than we've seen in the recent past. All fevers are officially gone. 

With that said, I can confirm my sense of taste and smell are off. I also found myself overwhelmingly exhausted and experiencing nausea, cramps and diarrhea...my temp is up to normal - I'm usually low. I am surprised we've had as many GI symptoms as the stereotypical respiratory symptoms. 

Millie misses going outside to play....Michael has discovered a pair of work gloves makes playing with her much more enjoyable. Poor Millie is having trouble getting up the stairs. The bottom of her feet are furry....She has fallen on the last 3 inside stairs enough that she stays on the landing and barks. 

Today's Quarantine Photo

Michael took Grandpa to get tested today. The lines and waits are getting longer.  Grandpa is feeling nearly back to normal. We continue to pray he gets no other symptoms. 

Marvilie texted. She was heading to Walmart and wondered if we needed anything. YES. Slippers for Grandpa. Also Pudding (float GG's pills), Jello (for upset stomachs), and LYSOL spray and wipes.  Having been on lockdown, we planned to get slippers when we were OFF lockdown.  We are looking for a walker tray too - thought we'd be able to go shopping before Amazon would arrive, now I'm not quite so sure. We had one glorious day off lock down - the 17th - before Alex texted positive and we went back into lock down. We are GLAD we didn't get to the stores, but....

Marvilie and Avi blessed us well today. We are grateful. They were so stealthy we didn't even realize they were HERE until they weren't here. 

Jello and Cottage cheese - enough to MAKE you nauseated if you aren't...but Michael is in heaven. I have made more pudding and Jello in the past two months than I have in DECADES. 

We have learned a valuable lesson. We've often offered help. We've offered meals, when that is turned down we've said, "If you need anything please let us know." And we are sincere. Several have offered us help - and we can't think of a thing we need enough to ask another to go out of their way. However, a couple of texted they are heading to Carrs or Walmart and asked if we need anything.....both times we've needed things. Friends, we promise, if we ever are allowed "out" again, we'll be better at offering specific help. 

Michael took advantage of us all being home to exchange our 2020 pennies for dollar coins. He began this with the kids decades ago. It took way longer to find a current penny this year - not sure if that's because of 2020 or that we live in Alaska. 

Alex found the first 2020 penny, Nolan followed within minutes. The first finder is rewarded with FIVE dollar coins. Grandpa seemed interested in THIS tradition. 

We ended the day snuggled in the living room watching, "The Muppets Christmas Carol." 

* Despite all this wonderful "down time," I have still not gotten the blog caught up.....I suspect there's still time. At least I'm blogging current. LOL