Monday, March 11, 2013

About that Driving Ban....

It's a bad sign when your cars are covered with snow UNDER the carport! I KNEW that average snowfall is in April.....but around feels like spring when the roads melt.

I HAVE been driving....the roads are often covered with snow in the a.m. but o.k. by mid-morning.....

Just how much snow HAVE we had this year? These facts are from Misawa's Emergency Management Facebook Page on 12 March.

  • Misawa has accumulated 187.8" of snow so far this season
  • 34.2" shay of last season's 222.9"
  • On this date LAST season we were sitting at 176.7"
  • Currently we are 11.1" ahead of last season
  • The last day of snowfall last season was on April 9th
Winter hasn't given up yet - but SPRING IS COMING - it always does. ::wink:: 

Choosing Joy!
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