Friday, September 27, 2019


We had our first frost this morning - and thus ends our official growing season on Sept 27th.  Michael and I had covered a few squash plants and my carrot/kale bed. I still am hoping to use the tomatoes in the greenhouse. I have a strainer on order so I can process them as soon as it arrives.
8 a.m.
Stacia asked me to delay letting the chickens out so Dash could enjoy the chicken yard. Now there's a nice pet owner. She went out in the frosty cold and let Dash run around. Dash had a fantastic time.

This is becoming a routine. I run out for Dad's paper. Benny sees me come in and comes upstairs as soon as he can to join dad in reading the paper. ::snort::
He wasn't about to share with Bachan.

Road runner  continues to fly over the fence. Phoenix, the roo pictured below, can fly in and out as well.  I keep thinking they'll get heavy enough not to be able to do this....Phoenix seems to like to perch higher than the hens and crow. LOL 

It was a busy week as we harvested, felled trees, decorated, schooled and started Bible study and Life Group. As Krista noted - "it's a lot," but all things we feel called to participate in or lead.  We've cut back from last year and it feels like a lot - but doable.  Nevertheless, by Friday afternoon I was tired and fell asleep while Stacia, Dad and I were watching a Heartland episode.

We finished the week with pizza and a movie.