Monday, April 14, 2008

Do Hard Things Blog Tour & Giveaway

Released today! This book is well worth the purchase price of $11.55 at if you have teens; click here. To win a free copy, leave your name in the comment section of this entry. A winner will be picked on 25 April after noon. Be sure there is a way for me to contact you. I would like to give "first" consideration to those who are currently raising teens or to teen please leave that info with your comment. I would not have picked up this book until I'd heard other's comment on it. I'm glad I had the opportunity to review it - which nudged me to actually read it before I commented. *See update below.

Author Bio:
Alex and Brett Harris founded in August 2005 - at the age of 16. The twins are frequent contributors to Focus on the Family’s Boundless webzine, serve as the main speakers for the Rebelution Tour conferences, and have been featured in WORLD magazine, Breakaway, The Old Schoolhouse, and the New York Daily News. Sons of homeschool pioneer Gregg Harris and younger brothers of best-selling author Joshua Harris (I Kissed Dating Goodbye), Alex and Brett live near Portland, Oregon.

My Take: For 15 years I've been recommending, talking about, telling any who would listen about an article that directed the course of our parenting as our children entered their youth. The article was called Myth of the Teenager by Dr. Michael Platt and can be read here.

Alex and Brett have taken the same message and speak it to TEENS - the very people that NEED to hear the message. They are out to lead a rebelution (rebellion against low expectations of teens). I believe that if this message catches fire in this generation it will change our society. It's that strong and powerful of a message. This book is written in an easy to read style and is filled with concrete illustrations and helfpul advice to motivate teens to Do Hard Things. I'm about 2/3 of the way through this book, but I am confident in recommending it to to you and your teens. In fact, along with a few other books (I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Not Even a Hint, Don't Check Your Brain at the Door, The New Tolerance..), Do Hard Things has become "highly recommended" reading for our teens. We haven't had to require these books, but we suggest them and then have great discussions with our young adults about said book. We like this one enough to put it on our "list".

The authors begin by leading us to rethink the teen years. They go on to mention 5 kinds of HARD things we should do: things that take us outside of our comfort zone, things that go beyond what's expected or required of us, things that are to big to do alone, things that don't pay off immediately, and hard things that go against the crowd.

Though this message is written by teens and for teens, I found myself encouraged and excited as I read. In fact *I* have been prodded to Do Hard Things. That multi-generational Bible Study that's rattling around in my head? Just last night Jamin encouraged me to write it again. I told him that there is no market, others write better than I, someone else has had the idea or will have the idea and be a known name etc. Then I picked up this book and read, "God works through our weaknesses to accomplish His big plans." As a side note, we had this discussion, Mike shared his thoughts, I went to our room to watch some Veggie Tales and unwind and there was "Gideon" saying, "If you wanna hear God say 'well done', you gotta do what he tells you to do." I've been hammered. You and your teens may be as well if you read this book. ::snort:: I'll have to write a seperate "hard things" entry. This IS a book review! ::snort::

I feared this book would be boastful or arrogant; honestly it doesn't come across that way. The authors continually give the honor and glory for their fruit back to God - where it belongs. I also feared I wouldn't like the book. I don't like most books written on how to parent teens or written to teens. I LOVED this book. I felt like these young men were saying the same things we've been saying for lo these many years to our teens.

With over 10 million hits to their website, Alex and Brett Harris are leading the charge in a growing movement of Christian young people who are rebelling against the low expectations of their culture by choosing to “do hard things” for the glory of God.
Written when they were 18 years old, Do Hard Things is the Harris twins’ revolutionary message in its purest and most compelling form, giving readers a tangible glimpse of what is possible for teens who actively resist cultural lies that limit their potential. Combating the idea of adolescence as a vacation from responsibility, the authors weave together biblical insights, history, and modern examples to redefine the teen years as the launching pad of life and map a clear trajectory for long-term fulfillment and eternal impact.

Written by teens for teens, Do Hard Things is packed with humorous personal anecdotes, practical examples, and stories of real-life rebelutionaries in action. This rallying cry from the heart of revolution already in progress challenges the next generation to lay claim to a brighter future, starting today.

This is part of my 2008 reading list. Remember, if you'd like to review books for Multnomah or Waterbrook press send me an email and I'll send you the next offer I receive so you can get the contact info.

*This book came with a postage paid mailer for me to use. Because of this I can't offer to ship this book outside of the 48 contiguous states. I'm sorry. I've been sending all other books all over on my dime. LOL My real life and now cyber friend, Trish, is also offering a copy of this book free this week. Go here to read about how she'd like you to enter.


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Hrumph! I got the 240 minutes in but it certainly wasn't spread over "most days of the week" and I didn't get the 3rd strength training in. 2 hours out of my day is getting tough to maintain...but with the drive....still thinking. Maybe I'll do the walk video once or twice this week so it is only 45 min for working out and no drive time....but that's significantly less cardio time than I do at the gym. Hrumph!

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