Sunday, September 17, 2017

There's Moose In Our Yard!

We had fun visitors to end the day! I'm glad the men were back and hadn't left yet to buy sewer hose at Wal-mart so Izaak could share this moment with Bella.  

She seems a bit alarmed as she looks out the windshield of the RV

Dad's not worried - it must be fun (That'll preach)!

Mary Ellen had told us there is a good size bull moose that roams the area. We've not seen him.....but we were happy to see this little lady. 

Then we noticed TWO.....they seemed to be the same size/age

Googly eye moose! ::snort:: 

This area of the yard werea horse pastures. We plan to till it under before winter (we'll see). The plans are for this to be our gardens and chicken run next year....but for's lush, green, weeds....lots of nitrogen in these pastures - about two feet of manure worth. They stayed about 40 minutes.

This was a great ending to the day. CoRielle were out driving when I texted we had two moose in the yard. They saw a bull moose on their way home; but they said he was pretty small.

Reflection Lake Trail

There are so many possible titles for this one......"Sunday Afternoon Hike "Reflections at Reflection Lake," "Fall Shows Off"...."ARIELLE IS 31 WEEKS"....

Cory had to work today. The rest of the men went fishing. We didn't pull it together to make it to church, BUT,  the church we've been visiting does facebook live. I watched. Then,  I wondered if I could get the gals to go on a quick hike. I searched for an "easy" one.  The Reflection Lake Trail  meanders for a mile around a lake. It is marked easy - but I've learned to hold the rating suspect.  The other easy hike we checked is only .9 mile, but it's straight up the side of a butte.  There are a few small inclines here, but there are accessible spots if one wants a flatter route.  I think this one fits the bill for Michael to join us soon.  I think it would be fairly easy for Bre and the babes too. We didn't have a car with car seats or I would have begged them to come along. I also wanted to scout it out before suggesting it for little ones. Maybe this week at some point.... The colors were GORGEOUS. 
Blessed to hike with Stacia, Arielle and Baby S

Along came guest as we attempt to catch the magic of falling leaves. If you watch in full screen you can see the falling leaves. 

Arielle has been carrying Baby S for 31 weeks 

It was a perfect day to be at the lake. It would be fun to take the kayak down. We plan to buy a canoe or two by next spring. It did my soul good to be out in nature, the colors, the lake, the mountains....just what the great Physician ordered for the day.