Friday, July 29, 2022

Arctic Thunder Practice

There is an air show this weekend. 

We love airshows. 

The weather looks iffy for the weekend. BUT FRIDAY is the practice day on base. We have base access. Krista sent us all the info and we planned to drive in today for the practice. We thought there wouldn't be all the static displays and vendors, but we'd see all the flying. The boys and Allie were working various schedules but Stacia, Michael and I would go with CoRielle and hopefully see KrUke at some point as well. 

All was set until we realized we had a 60 - 90-minute gap between work schedules when no one would be here with Grandpa/Dad.  With an Air Show in play, I was the obvious choice to stay home, which I did. Stacia opted to stay home as well. Our plan was to go on Sunday...

Thanks to Arielle for sending all these photos. This was the boys' first air show. I'm sure Arielle felt like she was walking back in time and sharing a piece of her childhood with the boys. It was fun that Michael got to pass on info and stories to Cory and possibly Benny. LOL 

Auntie Chaplain and Benny

Michael was surprised at how many displays were up. There were also vendors. The VIP tents and seats were in place, but there were "no people."  They were able to enjoy front row seats. LOL  Michael said it did his heart good to see an F 16 and pilot from the 35th FW...go, Misawa! 

Passing on the aviation love...