Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Josiah is 27

Josiah turns 27 today. Many know him as the Chick Fil A employee who went viral by caring for a customer at the Sunset Mall. I still love that he got caught doing something great in this gotcha society.

Today he's turning 27......and we couldn't be prouder of the man of God he's become. He has mentored many young men and women through his job at Chick Fil A and through "life."

He is the Senior Director at one of Chick Fil A's newest restaurants in Lynnwood, WA. This store is currently #1 in the chain for average peak hour lunch sales...and #3 for average peak hour dinner sales.  It's been fun to watch his leadership style develop. We continue to pray as he strives to eventually own a Chick Fil A.

Josiah has stepped naturally into the Kuya/Manong role. Kuya/Manong - oldest brother in the Philippines, a third parent.....he is loved and respected amongst his siblings and his care, respect and love for his parents is top notch.
Michael & Cy @ Michael's retirement ceremony

Cy and Stephen share a birthday -  Jared and Jamin in the back

Cy & Arielle
Cy & Bre at CFA in Lynnwood
Cy & Krista at a Spurs/Blazer game in Portland, OR

Heading to San Francisco
I love Cy too - but there are no pictures of he and I together! ::snort:: 

It would only be fitting on his 27th birthday to remember God's work on his behalf. I was told Josiah's brain stem was not developing when I was pregnant with him. At the follow up ultra sound they thought maybe it was forming, but his intestines were outside his stomach. Forgive me, I can't remember the medical terms.  While one of my best family stories revolves around the giving of Josiah's name ::wink:: his name Josiah Michael means - Jehovah Heals - who is like God?  I will never forget our wonderful doctor at his birth. He turned and twisted Josiah. He scrutinized every inch of our baby boy and turned to us and said, "He's perfect! Don't worry about this birthmark, I'm sure it's not cancerous." I'd not even held the boy yet. Jehovah truly did bless us when he healed Josiah and allowed him to become a member of our family. 

Happy Birthday, Son! Believing you see the realization of many dreams this year. 

Play Dates!

We had a play date today!  We hustled through school (or a majority of it) and went over to see Desiree (and children). Allison has moved on to Quantico, but was home visiting family. It was so much fun to meet Striker and spend time with Desiree and Allison. They were the leaders of a PWOC evening Bible study which I loved to attend. 
Allison and Striker
 We prayed for these babies - Quentin our little warrior who went through chemo before birth with his Mommy and Striker - who had the audacity to be born AFTER his Mommy pcsd from Beale.

Quentin, Desiree, Allison, Striker
The kids played too

So refreshing to spend the afternoon with these two! 
 Anna was gone for a bit - but Sydney and Stacia enjoyed playing and Anna joined them later. 

We came home, got dinner arranged and Stacia and I left for our second play date of the day. We were thrilled to spend some time with Emma while her mom and Dad went out.  I can't tell you how fun it is to hear Emma shout, "De'Etta is here" with great gusto and joy. Everyone needs to be wholeheartedly loved by a  preschooler or two. I'm just so happy they remember us - it would be crushing if they'd already forgotten us. ::snort:: 

Stacia and Emma

Offering me her ice cream

Watching Winnie the Pooh

One is never sure how bedtime will go when watching children....Emma was the easiest to put down yet....and she OWNS her routine. We love this little family and it was great fun to spend time with Emma.