Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thursday Concludes, Finally....

I can't wait until Mike is home - how did I ever survive a deployment? I'm hopeless, hopeless, hopeless.

I made tacos by request for dinner. While making dinner, I was appalled to discover that our fruit tray is looking very depleted. I put this out every mealtime....but there was nothing in it. I sent kids out to the garage fridge for grapes, cantaloupe, nectarines - anything. This is all that is left. It's a good thing that tomorrow is produce day because I don't think we'd make it without an emergency run to the store. I then checked the Produce rack (er bakers rack) and this is all that is left.....
I think I'll make muffins tomorrow afternoon.

We finished dinner and while the kids cleaned their rooms, I decided to go ahead and make the breakfast sausage I had started earlier in the day. Of COURSE, this led to me emptying all my little spice jars in the cupboard into the big tupperware containers on my counter. I've tried for about a year to find a nice place to put these big tupperware things and I don't have a spot. If they are going to be on the counter, I don't need the cute little jars in the cupboard. The spices IN the tupperware smell much fresher than the spices in the jar....I did get the sausage done. Yes, I do buy the spices in bulk because I don't feel so bad then when I throw a handful at a time into my cooking. ::snort::
Then we played Bible Charades. What a HOOT! Nolan guessed one that Arielle was acting as "Jesus at the Last Potato". ::snort:: We ARE working on those OT Bible Stories.

Then we vacuumed. I wonder how long this will seem like a treat????I haven't set up tables for produce yet - but I'll do that tomorrow....I'm going to go to bed and keep reading the new page turner I've discovered. ::snort::
RECIPE NEEDED - Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas

Tomorrow night is our PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel - do I still need to type that out or are y'all used to it by now???) Project Night.

I always pick up the dinner entree and then we each bring munchies to share. Last night we sat around and discussed what to bring. Something besides Chick Fil A wraps and Pizza. A couple of ideas were liked - breakfast burritoes and sour cream chicken enchiladas. I know where to order the breakfast burritoes and I'm calling a local Mexican restaurant to see what they would charge for a pan of enchiladas....but I've been thinking those sound like something I'd like to make - anyone have a TRIED recipe that they enjoy for this? I can do a google search but I want to know that someone REAL likes them before I go to the trouble of making them. Photos would be nice too. ::snort::
Cookbook Giveaway

OK I have enough to send some to all three who posted below...if you'd like to email me your address, I'll get them out. You can email my personal email address if you know it or which is my email in case any of you are stalkers. ::snort::

Jamin has posted Unkosstika Part II on his blog for those of you who would like to read it. He informs me that the conclusion (to be posted in the future) will be shorter. I've not read Part 2 yet - but Part 1 left me eager to read Part 2.....Jamin is the master of suspensful cliff hangers. LOL
Mysteries Solved....

Nolan has been earning a ticket every time he finishes his chores at the same time or before the other children. I told him when he earned 30 tickets, we would all go to Dairy Queen. The deal was the other children could NOT slow down to assist him in finishing before them. ::snort:: Nolan reached 30 tickets yesterday. I tried to get him to wait for Mike to be home, but he simply couldn't wait. We rushed through school and headed to DQ.

Nolan's accomplishment was appreciated by all!
Mystery #1 - What does Mike do with the younger ones while I'm writing lesson plans?
We pulled up and Stacia began saying "Daddy, Daddy, ice cream". Disney Dad is so busted. ::snort:: Mystery solved.

Mystery #2 - WHERE is Zander picking up things like "Welllll...dang it, not again" when Stacia's shoes are left behind?
We do not talk like this. I was driving and said "Zander say Shoot or something not dang it..." at which point he did and I decided that didn't sound any better. This afternoon, I heard Hank the Cow dog playing in their bedroom and that rascally Hank does let loose with some inventive dialogue which Zander must "improve" on....I need to listen closer. Hank also explains some of the new attitude we've been seeing. Zander has been obsessing over Hank the Cow dog since our last camping trip.

Mystery #3 - WHY was my bed wet and cold when I climbed in last night?
You don't want to know. It was on Mike's side of the bed and since he's not home, I decided to investigate this a.m. and stay on my side of the bed. ::snort::

Mystery #4 - Why does a woman who insisted she didn't NEED a small camera and cheerfully lugged a DSLR around, suddenly not want to take the DSLR anywhere now that she's tried the smaller camera?

Sheer cussedness maybe? I don't know but I noted that the Cannon SD1000 has come down to around $200 now....and so I will have the $ to replace it saved several months sooner. LOL

Mystery #5 - What do you call an OMOMY (Older Mom of many young siblings) when she goes out in public?
At DQ Stacia primped and preened and managed to have every male over the age of 3 wrapped around her finger in 10 seconds flat. We aren't sure HOW she learned this - but wow - she's good. It has to have something to do with having 5 brothers. The kids were GOOD. Several seasoned citizens were unashamedly flirting with her. As we left a gentlemen with a million dollar smile said, "Maam, y'all got yourself a herd!" He was hilarious. We both had a good ole fashioned southern belly-laugh and we walked out smiling. I loaded the herd up back at the van so that I could get a photo of them. This sort of comment used to make me IRATE in MT - when I had 6 children and was 33 - I think I've matured. By laughing at his comment, I made his day. He made my day by being totally in love with my little ones...and it was o.k. He meant no offense. I cringe when I think of how many folks may have been trying to bless me with their comments in the past and I took offense.

The part of my herd that I had in tow today
Mystery #6 - Why is blogger so infernally frustrating????? Strange spaces, disappearing posts, not allowing pictures to be uploaded, fancy numeric/alphabraic codes so you don't know really WHAT the problem is? (no it isn't a word but I like the sound of it).

I haven't a clue but I really wish someone would teach me how to host my own blogging site...or is there a Christian blogging site out there with cool templates, "easy" use like blogger ::snort:: that I could use?