Sunday, July 22, 2007

Busy Sunday

Traditional Service at chapel. Great to see everyone again.

Lunch with Steve, Debbie, their boys, our Chaplain Candidate, and her friend.

Mike rushed off to be back at the Gospel Service. I missed the Gospel Service today because I went to DEJA'S BABY SHOWER!!!!! It won't be much longer now Deja. I so know pregnant in August in this town. ::snort::

Jamin used this interval to clean the garage.WooHOO! He says it was less work than working out out there in the heat. ::snort::

The older boys wanted to see a movie with friends from work. They, Jared, and Mike, went to a movie.

The afternoon is a blur to me...I'm sure I was interacting with the littles. ::snort:: Krista called and we had a nice visit. Today is graduation for Master's Commission in Spokane. It is also the official day that the girls become Master's staff.

Mike and the boys got home, hooked up the trailer, and took it to storage.

They just got home. Mike fixed my Internet connection and is now off running with Jared. He invited me - but I think my running days are a thing of the distant past. I did dream of running the other night. I sure hope it's not an omen. ::snort::