Tuesday, July 01, 2014

They're Off

Krista stopped by yesterday afternoon. She wasn't feeling great, but we had a good visit. We also ran to Walmart for the final things Arielle needed for their upcoming trip. 

Arielle requested Veggie Pot Pie for dinner. We were happy to oblige. 

This morning Yuuki KNEW something was up....it was cute to watch her. 

Stacia's love language is "touch" and she tells us Arielle's is "don't touch," but this a.m. Arielle let Stacia touch.  Stacia is having a hard time with Arielle gone. We're moving Yuuki's bedtime kennel to their room. 

Loading up - and there's Yuuki. 

A couple of last hugs

They're off. They hope to make it into AZ today and into Mexico in the morning. 

We are praying this is an amazing summer for the kingdom and in their lives. Praying God plants new seeds which will blossom into awe-inspiring fruitfulness. I just realized I'm not sure either of them has a camera! 

Things seem  quiet around here. Arielle's leaving hit us hard. I'm considering it a dry run for next summer/fall. 

Jamin is driving from TX and will meet them in AZ. He'll be in Mexico until he feels it's safe to leave the girls. 

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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