Sunday, February 21, 2021

A Blessed Sunday

 We are getting pretty good at spotting moose. Check her out...or maybe it's a bull without antlers - which really confuses me. 

Good Morning Moose

I was up early putting all the early touches I could on our Sunday dinner.  When we unset the tables from last night, I reset for today.  The turkey cooked all night.  It all worked well.  Yep, finding new routines for our here and now. 

Church was good. Pastor preached on Covenant and Compromise. It was a great topic - encouraging, challenging, was great. I have been thinking of my actions, my I living by law or love? What is motivating me?  Topic came to mind again as I read Acts 16 this morning. I've often wondered about Paul circumcising Timothy after the big counsel in Jerusalem. I knew it had to have something to do with his heart to continue to speak to and win the hearts of the Jewish nation....but I see it as a good example of him doing something that may have looked legalistic but was motivated by love. In any event I am enjoying sermons which have me considering weeks later....

We had 14 for lunch. I had meant to take a photo. I thought it would be fun to create a hospitality album "around the table"....but I forgot. I may have to invite them all again until I get it right. The food was good, Jacque brought an amazing salad and Krista (Danny's Krista) made a keto dessert I will be making for years to come....low carb, sugar free, chocolate peanut butter pie.  Brittany and our Krista were here for lunch and then bowed out for the rest of their day. The conversation was even better than the food. Michael and I commented we feel like we all go to know each other a bit better. 

Stacia and Allie petitioned for a few episodes of Leverage. We sat around and chilled as a big pot of  turkey broth began simmering.  Krista came home. Nolan got off work. We had the traditional "Sunday Night Ice Cream" and some headed for bed. We ended the day with more meaningful conversation. 

It was a blessed Sunday. 

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Jamin Turns 30! February Birthday Celebration!

 Tonight was our February Birthday Celebration - it fell on JAMIN'S 30TH BIRTHDAY! I can barely believe our children are these ages! LOL 

Jamin is making a name for himself in  Real Estate circles in Alaska. We are proud of what he has accomplished in such short order. He also volunteers at his church, makes the most of Alaska's recreational opportunities and continues to participate in various civic groups. If you want great shots of Alaska - check out his Alaska Realtor youtube channel. 

Josiah, Jamin and Michael

We checked the list numerous times and we had 21 people coming to dinner. We moved GG's chair to his room, the coffee table and rocking chair to our room....and set up extra tables. 

Benny is always happy to help the guys! 

We received sad news a couple of hours before dinner. BreZaak were not able to make it. They've been locked down for so long, and Izaak was days away from the "safe zone." He's been exposed at work and so it looks like he will need to quarantine. We have GG here, Josiah and Jamin are planning to fly to Hawaii this week and Jared is flying in was best to play it safe. While we ALL understand - we were also all disappointed...Michael removed a table. LOL

Table One 

Livie, Ellie, Stacia, Allie, Nolan, Krista, Luke

Table Two 

Arielle, Danny, Cory, Benny, GG, Carrie, Josiah - Jamin
Michael and I out of the picture. LOL 

At dessert time Benny moved down the table snitching ice cream cake. Arielle proved too quick for him. 

Baachan and Danny are looking a little rough! LOL 

We had mint ice cream cake, cookies and cream ice cream cake, chocolate mint cheesecake and a sugar free chocolate mint cheese cake. That's a whole lot of dessert - but we had six birthdays to celebrate. 

Birthday Gang - plus Benny! 
Jamin, Nolan, Alex, Ellie, Livie, Josiah 

I had been waiting to give Carrie her card as it had confetti and I wasn't sure if it would make a big mess at her house. She opened it. Benny then gathered all the confetti, refilled the card, and set it off again.  They did this 2 or 3 times. LOL

The Eagle River/Anchorage crowd left....Before CoRielle left Cory and Benny helped Michael with a splinter. They left. Krista's car was at Luke's so they left. Everyone headed for bed. Michael put chickens to bed and fought off our demon rooster. I got ready for tomorrow's adventures....

Friday, February 19, 2021

Alaskan Winter Magic

 We watch the forecast for the Northern Lights in our home like some watch the snow or rain forecast. Nights when the Northern Lights are dancing ARE truly magical.....we can usually snap a few shots from our yard....but sometimes they are active enough to warrant a mid-night drive up the mountain for  a few good shots. 

I began getting text messages from Josiah....and then Arielle....they were seeing lights. We weren't seeing them from here....but shortly began to see faint lights...Michael and the girls headed to the top of the mountain. I was  the logical choice to stay home with GG (who was asleep or we would have taken him). 

Photo by Michael 

Photo by Stacia

Watching the Northern Lights dance and leap across a star lit sky makes Alaskan winters totally worth it. LOL  And, yes, it is pure Alaskan Winter Magic. 

Thursday, February 18, 2021

The Trees Are Lit Up

There are moments which are magical. The moment when the sun hits the trees and moves around to light up our mountain is one of those moments. We love it in the late winter and other seasons it's too dark or too light for good sunrises and sunsets. 

"The trees are lit up!" Stacia called.....

Photo by Michael 

And three cameras rushed for various view points. Here are a couple of shots...

Photo by Stacia

Photo by Stacia 

Photo by Michael 

Millie took advantage of being outside to coax Allie into an impromptu play session. 
Allie, Stacia and Millie

...taken BEFORE the moose arrived and took over the scene.  We watched her eat while we ate dinner. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2021


 I finally found someone willing to cut my hair for me. Allie took off a few inches. Stacia provided emotional encouragement but refused to participate in the trimming.  

Millie is an opportunist.  Come to think of it - so am I - thus the hair cut! LOL 

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Winter Day

 Early morning fun with Millie....

While the rest of the country has wild storms, we've warmed up enough for it to begin snowing again. 

We spent a quiet morning sipping hot drinks and watching the snow out the windows. No, I did not make my personal goal of having Christmas down before Lent and the rest of the week is looking fairly busy. I am guessing I will work on it NEXT week. 

Michael, Dad and I enjoyed a quick trip to a Hotel Cafe for hot drinks and desserts after his appointment this afternoon. It didn't do a bit of good for my sugar level averages, I am sure....but Dad loved it. LOL 

Monday, February 15, 2021

Playdate at BreZaak's

 Valentine's Day was our 37th anniversary and BreZaak's 7th anniversary. I went over this afternoon for a playdate with the kids so Bre and Izaak could go out. They were very excited they had been to the "tooth brush doctor." Ah - the simple joys of pre-school. We marveled at Jo-jo....

Three months old! 

He's a doll. He went with Mommy and Daddy.  I took photos of Annie but I wasn't quick enough to catch her brilliant cuteness...and so I am inserting a couple of photos from Bre right here...

Annie - 2 years old

The kids and I finished their meal,  showed me their new jumping tricks, shared unicorn cookies and then....they had helped me break into the "workshop", craft supplies etc. Yes, I could NOT get the door to unlock, but Bella could. ::snort:: 

Our goal was magna tiles...we created quite a bit of fun and then Auntie CoCo dropped Auntie Stacia off for a visit too! 

Stacia played Simon Says with the kids. They weren't set on the rules - but had fun. 

Back at home, a friend arrived to stay a bit. We welcomed her, had dinner, and settled down for more visits and reading. 

Bre sent this photo of the brothers ending their day...what sweet memories. 

Visitors from "Afar"

I don't think it will ever get old living close enough for adult children to drop by. Josiah, Carrie and Livie had a birthday party in the valley this afternoon. They came by early and spent a few hours with us. 

This is proof that Millie is calming down....she and Livie snuggled without bites, jumps, or barking. 

I baked some unicorn cookies (Bella's honor), we sat around the table and visited - until the table became a play station. The original kind. 

We also discussed Fish Camp 2021. I confirmed, despite everyone's memory that I HAD made reservations, I had not. I have hesitated to make reservations as I'm not sure how to pull this year's details into the plan...but I am going to make the plans "by faith," and  continue to try to find respite care for those 5 days for Dad. It's still 5 months away...surely.  As we talked it became apparent we don't NEED 5 days of fish camp....we could make our limit much quicker...but everyone loves the family connection, camping aspect as much as the work/fishing days it is....and I will figure out the details. LOL 

Good Morning Ms Moose

 Good morning, Ms. Moose....nice of you to drop by. What a fun start to the week. 

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Valentine's Day

 I'll write about our anniversary when I get photos off the real camera. 

Arielle and the boys surprised us at church this a.m. It turns out they'd had a rather traumatic morning....a gentlemen tried to get into their home...turns out he suffers from dementia, had gotten out of his son's home and thought they had invited him to come to a party. BUT she didn't know that when a yelling man was trying to enter her home... We came home to Salmon chowder, cake and visiting. 

Benny was happy to help Papa clean the wood stove. He also rewrote the nativity story. Yes, I still have Christmas up, but I suppose I will take it down before Lent....maybe.  Last year I left it up until after the Iditarod. 

Stacia's Valentine's Day cake was a hit. 

Cory joined us when he got off work and we began to make dip-netting plans...Fish Camp 2021. Benny informed me he will need a new shirt. 

Magical Moments
Danny & Cory

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Training Millie to Ride Nicely

 It's time to train Millie to ride nicely in the car. When she was little she rode up front in Stacia's lap. We've been putting her in the back, and she climbs to the front. The last time I took her out alone she jumped up front...a bit of a driving distraction. Taking her along when I take Stacia to work is a good time to work on her riding manners. 

She did fairly well sitting on the floor behind my seat....until right as we turned off the highway....she tried to jump into my lap. I FIRMLY told her no and she laid down and then didn't even want to get out of the car when we got home. LOL 

We'll get there.  Note I cut the hair around her eyes so she can see again. LOL 

Friday, February 12, 2021

Friday is made for Fun and Fellowship

I begin my Fridays with a zoom focused on my wellness journey. This month we are discussing character traits needed to follow through on goals and commitments. Today we discussed resilience. I plan to come back to the notes and do some more research on the topic. 

Stacia has a cold. We decided it best to grab breakfast at a drive through and find a pretty place to park for our Bible study.  We hit the sunrise as we drove out of our area....we'll try about 30 minutes earlier next week and see if we can get more spectacular sunrise photos.  A word about the sunrise - for much of the year it happens "in the middle of the night" or very late in the day when one is busy with "life." This seems to be the perfect time of the year to catch sunrise and sunset photos.....

On our way to town we were stopped for moose crossing the "highway." It cracked us up to find two moose at the head of our driveway when we got home. 

We got home just as GG was getting up - so I took over the morning routine before I ran out to grab a blessed 90 minutes with a friend for tea at her house. This time with Brenda was an oasis in the middle of  "rush and responsibility."

Michael and Alex were waiting to go out for their lunch study when I arrived home again. 

Michael spent some time here's nice to have the garage cleared out enough to get a truck into it for maintenance work. 

Stacia baked and froze cakes earlier in the week. She began frosted and decorated them today.

These roses are amazing...and the cake tastes good too. 

Michael and I met up with dear ones for a couple of hours in the afternoon and then we were home to end the week with WandaVision.....