Saturday, May 31, 2014

VBS Saturday

Chrono blogging - I'll be caught up soon! 

Arielle and I left the house early for VBS training. I am going to be a station leader. Arielle is a crew leader. Nolan an assistant crew leader and Alex a station assistant. Stacia is going to attend. 

How do you know you're family is aging? First you are made a MOPS Mentor Mom as you no longer have a MOPS child. THEN one year  you have more VBS volunteers than participants in the home. ::wink:: 

Cynthia putting us through our paces - nice of the school to have a jungle theme on the walls. LOL 

Touring the buildings we will be using

VBS snack

First pick at the cool shirts! 

 After the training some of us stayed to paint cardboard.... Michael and the kids joined for this part.

It turns out I was right and Arielle IS good at flowers....

When enough painters filled the gym,  the guys, Cynthia and I headed for more cleaning. We dusted until we choked. We disinfected every surface in the library - which will be the game station.  We started in the building which will house the nursery and more stations.....until we gave up and went home at 4:00 p.m. 

Many highlights of the day. I enjoyed time snatched to visit while we worked. I still love Joy's greetings most of all.

It was another full day which led to a great night of sleep. 

Choosing Joy!
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