Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dogie Curtain

We discovered last week that Yuuki takes an active interest in the soundtrack from Lady and the Tramp. She chases around and looks for Tramp in the song "He's a Tramp." 

Sunday was one of those busy Sundays. We made it to two services, the kids went to Sunday school and we attempted a hospital visit, then Michael took the kids to lunch and bowling while I attended a baby shower....and we decided not to go to the 3rd service....we came home and played Ratuki and entertained ourselves watching Yuuki react to cats on you tube. LOL 

Yes, I need to buy curtains for the patio door. I'm cheap and didn't want to spend the $ when they can't be used in other homes - unless we never leave Japan.  I like the sun...but I really do like a bit of privacy - I guess. We've lived without curtains at all for 2 years. When Jim and Twyla moved they gave us their we put some that we are extending I really do think I'll drive to the town south of here and find some to fit the door and maybe a matching set for the window above the table....I may get carried away and buy black out curtains for our rooms too. ::snort::  BUT Yuuki really seems to like having the window clear. It's a dogie (spell check insists this is correct) curtain. LOL 

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