Sunday, June 01, 2008

Photobucket SUNDAY......

There have been changes in the planning at the local chapel and today is the day they were implemented. I'll spare you the details - it's enough to say that very few really understand all that goes into keeping a chapel each decision by A will ripple down and affect schedules down to Z. I'm not sure those who attend or work there totally understand. ::snort:: For us this meant that our traditional service went to 10:00 a.m. Wow. Folks liked this and were happy. It really puts it back to where it was 2 years ago before decisions rippled down causing us to move to 11:00 a.m. LOL Our 6 p.m. service, the contemporary, was moved to 1:30 p.m. Hmmm.....THIS was a bit rockier. Over 1/2 the congregation forgot about the time change. But those who remembered were happy at the new time. ::snort:: This may not be where this service lands. We shall see.

It was nice to be done at church by 3:30. Mike stayed up at the chapel until about 10 minutes ago.

Mike says we can buy a pool for the back yard. The boys and I were going to level the yard today....but it was 101*; we didn't.

Josiah was invited to the lake with some friends from work. He invited Jamin and Jared to go with him. They had a good time.

The younger ones played here.

I explained the United process to a new co-op member, worked on digital scrapbooks (18 more pages today), cleaned house, did laundry...not a very exciting day.

Josiah, Jamin, Jared and Nolan then went to a local school. They met some friends there and visited and played a bit of ball.

I got the MAY photos digiscrapped. I'm not sure what I think. There were 42 pages. I get way more photos on a page with my naked albums. Though these are fun. I'll have to keep thinking about it. I am having fun with it and I have two free weeks. I may be able to get all of 2008 done in that time. LOL I made a slide show of the 42 pages; I was very excited. THEN I realized that you can see locations and minors and I can't break that rule. LOL

Some point during the day we realized that Stacia had climbed onto a bar stool. When did she learn THAT?
But she didn't know how to get down. "Jamin - I need HELP!"
Then up again and down again - over and over....


Photobucket This I have Time For....

I am trying to get May scrapped and then I can have them printed somewhere and feel that I'm current SOMEWHERE! ::snort:: I did discover that the key to saving time with digiscrapping will be to make a "principle" for myself NOT to change albums. I found a new design template for birthdays this a.m. that I thought would be great for Arielle's birthday photos....but she LIKED the one we did yesterday. If I were to start second-guessing designs this would NOT save me any time. ::snort::

Here are some less fussy pages.

I have a great squadron page but haven't asked permission and they are minors.
This page has just Jared and the commader (who is NOT a minor) Yes, he found out Wed that he is May's Cadet of the Month. He also filled all the requirements for Tech but won't be able to pin it on until June.


( On the above I switched from plaids to a plain brown background, removed their title and put in my own, and Jared wanted "med" embellishments)

Here's one of Nolan and Miss Natalie (I used full embellishments but went with brown - a manly unfussy color instead of plaid and stripes)


I continue to research "options" for digital printing - full bleed, color corrected, paper weight, prices. I am still hoping to find a place HERE that will print 12 x 12 prints. If you have more experience than I with printing things out, I'd love any tips you care to share....favorite place to order prints online, favorite options, albums, things to watch out for....