Monday, January 29, 2018

More Nekkid Moose or Northern Fever

Monday!!! Therapy. Michael did really well with the peanut butter today, I do think he's improving and praying Friday's test shows the right amount of improvement for him to continue receiving the electrical stimulation for another 12 weeks. We would really like to see even more improvement. He's been faithful to do the 2 hours of swallowing exercises at home each day. Thanks for your prayers.

It's become our habit to do the week's grocery shopping after Monday's therapy, when we are in the big town. WOW - it is WINDY today when you get out of our mountain enclave.  Our wind "gusted to 16 mph" - it was 67 mph out in the valley today.  The snow out here in this part of the valley doesn't melt - it blows away!

The kids did a great job with laundry while we were out. Cory took a full trailer load of garbage to the landfill. We haul or own, and we recycle copious amounts of trash.  Michael and I got the wood floor shining, and I cleaned out a couple of closets. I find, since living in the RV for two years, I really like simplicity and dislike clutter. I want to know where to locate everything at a moment's notice. LOL  Stacia made a narrow pillow for Bella's is like a bumper pad and will cover the slice of window by her bunk.

We began preparing the cradle Michael and his siblings slept in for Benny.  Stacia has used it for a toy box for the last 11 years and it needed a good scrubbing. CoRielle have a little swinging thingy that is popular these days - but read some more and discovered it contributes to a flattened head, and to babies liking to look one they are moving him to the old cradle for a bit.

Sometime in the midst of it all - the moose showed up. I missed them. Alex sounded the alarm. He told me not to worry, they'd be back.

I seem to have caught some sort of northern fever that causes one to run outside in their stocking feet, short shirt sleeves, with camera in hand. What else would explain how often I find myself standing in snow, coatless, hatless, shoeless, with camera in hand?

It is 16 degrees outside and I came to myself out on the deck, shoeless in the snow, with camera in hand....I heard branches breaking and rustling.....being dusk, it took a bit of time to find them. I was rewarded with finding two more nekkid moose. That makes four today.

Nekkid moose? Facebook has taken to removing my blog posts as they "violate community standards." I think most are volume related - but I was told two of them were "reported." ::snort:: Friends have decided it must be because of all the naked moose goal is to get them clothed in Bullwinkle scarves to alleviate this grave offense.

Isn't she lovely?  Can you spot her? 

I did worry just a bit she'd discover my buried strawberry bed.....

Moose #2  - right where I plan to put my raspberry bed. Do moose like raspberries? 

I continue to research homesteading, chicken and gardening in Alaska. I'm also trying to map out the rest of the study year for Bible Babes so Shelly and I can discuss it. Tuesday is an "at home" day - I'll try to work a bit on those projects, "tomorrow."