Sunday, March 24, 2024

Ellie Rae is Here!


I told Michael I was going to get a bit of sleep as I was sure Ellie would be born either Saturday night or on Sunday. I even texted JaRissa and Jamin so they wouldn't wait for us at church this morning. We decided we did not want to be out of town. Sure enough...30 minutes after I laid down, Cory called. 

"Can you come over?" 

"On my way!" 

Arielle has had long and complicated labors in the past. I sped over to their house...and settled in for an 8 - 12 hour wait. I knew the plan was to come home 4 hours after birth, but I expected birth would take a substantial amount of time. 

The boys were in bed and didn't know Cory and Arielle were gone.  They arrived at the birthing center at 12:30 a.m. I'm going to quote Arielle's Facebook, "Ellie Rae came screaming into the world at 2:15 a.m. 3/24/24 in a whirlwind of 6 lb fury on the birth center bathroom floor. She's beautiful and strong and wonderful and we're all so in love. Danny has declared her his but is willing to share, Benny thinks it's the best day ever, and Charles is suitably impressed. Daddy may already be wrapped around her tiny finger. (As is fitting, Bachan says). "

Elleira Raelynn...Arielle spelled backwards, and Rae is my middle name. Lynn is Cory's mom's middle name.  Cory created the name years ago, when he and Arielle were dating, and they finally have a little girl to wear it. It is pronounced Ell Eye Ruh...or it seems sanctioned we can call her Ellie Rae. πŸ’–

Danny has been praying for the baby to have hair like his. The midwife confirmed - she does. Don't you love that? 

It was SURREAL when Cory opened the door and then went out to help Arielle and Ellie into the house at 5:30 a.m. WOW...that's quick... 5 hours and back home with daughter in arms! I got to hug and hold her...

Cory went in and brought Benny out. I'm not sure if he was stirring or if Cory prodded him. Imagine - they didn't even KNOW mom and dad had left and here was Bachan with a baby. They'd been waiting for me to come and knew when I came Cory and Arielle would be going to the hospital...but I was sitting on the couch with a BABY. 

Benny got settled on the couch and while he snuggled with Ellie, I went to see if Danny was waking up. 

I said, "Bachan is here!" and he POPPED up. He took my hand and we walked into the living room. Danny was so stinking cute! He noted her hair, her "little ear," and her "little fingers." Ah - love at first sight. 

At this point my car was warmed up and I had no reason to stay. They said Charles was suitably impressed when he woke up as well. 

I came home and began baking....I baked the bread, but also banana muffins, almond poppy seed muffins and baked omelets...ready for the freezer and quick breakfasts or nursing snacks. 

For the first time in a LONG time, I was able to move the grandparent's countdown from "number of weeks" to...

CoRielle aren't accepting visitors just yet...shoot Ellie isn't even 24 hours old yet...but they said Michael and I could visit. Michael went back with the food and such while I stayed with GG. 

Becoming a grandparent never gets old. Elleira is our 14th grand! What a blessing they are - each and every one! They truly are the focus of our "ministry" these days. 

Grace Notes: 
1. Ellie Rae's safe arrival! 

2. Being IN TOWN when these babies are born! What an unexpected blessing we are living. 

3. Allie and Stacia are safely home too. 

Girls Road Trip

 Allie and Stacia left us all alone from Friday - this evening.😏 KrUke had a snow machine trip planned in the Seward area.  One of Luke's friends went with them. Krista had homework to do and wanted to explore Seward. She invited the girls and I to go with her. I opted to stay home as I am on baby watch.  I wasn't taking any chance of being in Eagle River or Seward when I may be needed here. 

This means STACIA drove the girls to base - Anchorage. As she said it's an adulting milestone - driving outside of the Valley.  Here's a photo from their drive BACK tonight - a Be Real...


I am thankful all three sent photos back throughout the weekend. I am not sure who sent what. They had a plan to spend time getting all their homework done, AND explore Seward and enjoy each other's company.  The first batch of photos showed them painting. 

Stacia's hand



Yes, they DID get their homework done as well. Krista sent a paper for Michael to edit while they were still down there so we knew they were working the plan. Krista is working on her Dmin in Pastoral Counseling, the girls are working on their Bachelor's. 

Stacia, Allie & Krista 

Most of the shops were open this time. These girls liked the trip to the Fabric store. 

I spotted this old church converted to a coffee shop/ art gallery in January but it wasn't open. The girls were able to get inside it and it was as great as I imagined. I am going back to Seward when all the stores and restaurants are open.😁

Before they could blink, they were on their way home...refreshed, I hope. Homework is done, memories were made...sounds like a great plan to me. 
Krista, Stacia (back) and Allie

I'm pretty sure Kyle and Luke had fun machinging as well.