Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Monday on Tuesday

Why does EVERY group I belong to plan things for the 4th week of the month????? One of those questions that make you go "hmmm..." and better yet...having experienced this phenomenon for years, WHY do I continue to schedule added things during the 4th week???

Monday - Cy was off, got called in for a manager's meeting, studied at the library.....

SAGE - Shop Natural co-op, Mom's Night Out (which I had to miss)

School - Arielle sat down with Nolan and read all the couch school to him - WOW!

Me - copied brochures, paid bills, did co-op paperwork and more things but I can't remember what....

Tuesday - Today I have a Parish Advisory Counsel meeting at 11:30, Curves at 2:00, Bible Study at 6:30.

Really, I think I will begin skipping life during the 4th week of the month - it's crazy. AND if I'm ever in charge of planning a monthly event I will REMEMBER not to chose the 4th week of the month as that is certainly a popular week. LOL