Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Is a picture worth a thousand words? 

The roads were icy this a.m. I had to be out. I debated going. I decided if the roads were really bad Michael would have called and asked me to stay home as he's done in the past....he meant to. LOL 

Two very nice Japanese gentlemen showed up to help. They had chains, shovels and ropes....but one tire was airborne.  Another passerby called the security forces on base...and they said if I could drive off, I should start up and drive off. But if I couldn't, I needed to stay put until they arrived with a translator, filled out a report and took photos.  TECHNICALLY, I couldn't drive we waited. 

And talked to lots of folks American and Japanese who stopped.  It took a bit more than an hour for the Japanese police to show up. He wanted me to move and I kept trying to explain about the base security forces.  Mike showed up. Security Forces showed up. We answered lots of questions. Talked to the owner. We THINK they'll be ok, but they have 3 days to tell our insurance company if we are the proud owner of their tree and yard. LOL 

Big D's is an auto and storage unit in town owned by an American who is married to a Japanese lady. He showed up. Busy day for all....the base said I was the SIXTH accident to call in from off base this a.m.  Anyway - he got the car out and we didn't have to pay to be towed. He took us to his shop - about $700 of damage. 

We went then filled out the Japanese report. 

We went and filled out the insurance report. 

I FINALLY made it to the doc for the12 hour fasting labs which had turned in to 20 hour fasting labs.  I missed my PWOC board meeting. 

We grabbed "lunch". 

I came home and crashed. We ache. We're fine. The car is repairable. I didn't hit a person or serious property. The car will be back on Tuesday - I had 2 - 3 doctor appointments scheduled each day. Hmmm....

I've now had an accident in three countries....I can check this off the bucket list. 

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