Thursday, September 08, 2022

Thoroughly Thursday

 Allie and I had a wide-ranging, in-depth conversation as we set over tea and breakfast and discussed week 1 of our new Bible Study.  It was so good I hated to go home...but we did. 

She hit the books. Stacia hit the books. I got chili in the slow cooker and puttered around doing "things." 

Thursday night is life group. We meet twice a month. One family and a couple were unable to make it - a new gal joined us. It is always a sweet time. We enjoy an hour of eating and visiting and then we connect over an ongoing discussion on how to practically love God completely and love others well. I did not take any pictures at Life Group. 

The only picture I took all day is the following one.  Chain tea and scones. I do love having a bit supply of various scones in the freezer. LOL I made some Devonshire cream....the girls aren't sure they like it. I do.