Tuesday, January 23, 2007


*Just caught that I had titled this Wed. as I went to publish it. That about sums up my day. ::snort::

~The day began with a few phone calls, pancakes and smoothies for the children and a workout. I used the video today and did all 3 sections of the step workout - soon I'll buy a step. When my heart rate dips below the range it should be in. ::snort::


~The highlight of our day today was our twice a year visit to our dentist. After a rocky start with dentists in this town, we found one we love. Thanks Adrienne. I'd actually never seen the dentist until today, but he does seem nice. What makes this office great for us is Gena, the hygienist. She has a box of toys in her room and invites everyone to come play while she works on us. The office will let us all come in at once. She's very laid back. She talks with some children while she works on one. LOL She asked me if I'd had Zander's IQ tested. She also said she thinks he's going to be an engineer. Why? Because he had to touch every inch of the room, including the chair, the tools, the sinks etc. He also asked her repeatedly, "how does that work?" She kept asking if he would sit in her chair and he insisted he wouldn't. Stacia, meanwhile, climbed all over the chair. She was in that thing the minute one of the other children would step out. She even showed her teeth off to both Gena and Dr. S. She had no CLUE she was supposed to fear a dentist...just watched everyone else doing and figured she ought to as well. I was sad not to have the camera.....but maybe next time.

I asked for her not to give the children fluoride today. I'm not sure about the whole fluoride thing and want to research.....she said that I shouldn't have it because of my thyroid. I had my book with me. I'm amazed at the info that providers share when they see that you are interested. Fluoride used to be (may still be?) used to treat hyperthyroidism...it depresses the function of the thyroid. A person who is hypothyroid does not need this. NOW - I have no idea how MUCH fluoride you would need etc. but it was interesting to me...and I hate the stuff in my mouth anyway! ::snort::

I have a filling that will need replaced. Everyone else was fine. As we were getting ready to leave Zander said, "How bout you do me now?" I was SHOCKED. He climbed up and let Gena look at his teeth. She actually cleaned them. Then, did the polish - flavored but they had no other. They found a cavity on a back molar. She said that it will be a while before they want to try filling a cavity with him....really this is the FIRST time he's EVER opened his mouth. Last time he sat in the chair but wouldn't open his mouth. In AK he wouldn't even sit in the chair.... They want me to paint fluoride on his tooth every night.....with a q-tip. I'm a bit worried as the only fluoride they had was flavored.....but I guess if he doesn't swallow it, we may be o.k. We'll have to see what happens. I asked about ACT but 1. it's colored and 2. it's not as strong as what they gave me.....I need to pray this one through tonight.

~The "lowlight" of my day is that my kitchen sink is leaking. I will tackle plumbing 101 in the next day or two.

~Tonight in Bible Study we covered an entire book of the Bible. I told the ladies we are getting GOOD. We covered 2 John. LOL

Tortellini Chowder from Emily (adaptions by me LOL)

4 cups of chicken broth (if you've not made your own broth - try it - things taste SO much better!)

1 1/2 cups thick n chunky mild salsa

approx 18 ounces of refrigerated tortellini (4 - 5 cups)

dash salt

1 pound of frozen vegetable - Bird's Eye corn, broccoli and red pepper (I used about 5 cups of mixed, fresh veggies)

1 small can of evaporated milk (I used cream - because I don't have the other, would be less fat with different milk option - but it was GOOD! ::snort::)

parsley or cilantro for garnish

Combine broth and salsa. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer 3 minutes. Stir in tortellini and vegetables. Cook over medium heat 6-8 minutes or until tortellini and vegetable are tender (takes a bit longer with fresh veggies). Stir in milk and salt. Cook 1 -2 minutes or just until thoroughly heated, stirring occasionally. DO NOT LET IT BOIL. Serve, garnish with parsley or cilantro.

My littles didn't eat this, but the olders and I liked it. I liked it well enough to have a mug of it for my "evening snack" though I was NOT hungry at all. {sigh}

For pictures visit Emily's blog and click recipes in the side bar (Maybe I should just steal photos of Emily's family until I get my Nikon fixed...nah ya'll might notice LOL)