Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Alaskan Morning Walk

It seems to be a lazy morning. I decided to take Yuuki out for a walk around the RV park. 
You can easily discern why it's named Mtn View RV Park

I've decided I want to plant a patch of our property (when we close on it) with these purple flowers (lupine?) and fireweed. We're starting our own little community at the park. Below is Uchi on the left, CoRielle are staying in Rob and Dollie's trailer, and BreZaak and kids are in Ian and Becky's trailer.

There was no observable movement; we left the park and went adventuring. 

Finding these neighbors to the park, gives me hope. I have heard how hard it is to garden in the area, but this farm is doing well - and heavily investing in plastic?

The rumor is when the fireweed blooms to the top, and goes to seed, we have six weeks until winter. I'm going to watch closely. The tippy tops are still not in bloom. 

I've given up any plans for late summer garden. We are hoping winter will hold off long enough to get some of the outside chores done on the house. If not, it will all be covered in snow....

Gingerbread Man Arrives in Alaska

Arielle gave me a reprieve and did not send me up the Alaskan Highway with Cory. We are spending a few days with BreZaak. Some bug seems to have bitten all these girls. This apartment is EMPTY. 

KRISTA is here. She enjoys playing with me (and Bella).

I have had a wonderful few days, but now odd things are happening again. 

Arielle and I went with BreZaak and the kids to a large building. There was noise and lights and I even had a couple of x-rays. I guess they were concerned about my health. I know you won't believe this, but we got into a metal container and then we FLEW for hours.  There was a lot of hugging and such when we arrived. I finally saw all the members of the MALE team. That hasn't happened since New Years.

It appears Arielle and BreZaak fam have moved to Alaska. I met up with Stacia again.  I am currently chilling with CoRielle in a travel trailer. 

This was God's provision. Evidently, the home we are moving into isn't quite ready. Friends of Mom and Dad have loaned TWO TRAILERS for CoRielle and BreZaak until we can get into a house.