Thursday, April 07, 2016

A Full Week

We have had a full week - and we're ready for Friday!  The kids and I are trying to finish all of our Tapestry Core by the end of next week. We've also had lots of time to play this week. 

Monday - I went for lunch with Bre and her mentor, who happens to have been my 5th grade Sunday school teacher.  Nolan went to New Hope to see what college would be like. Here's a selfie with Nolan, Arielle, myself and Cory - Arielle's guy.  This was to prove I scored Mama points - I met Cory in person before Michael.  ::snort:: And they take lots of selfies so I figured they wouldn't mind taking one with ME. LOL 
Nolan - back right - investigates college
Tuesday, Michael dropped Stacia and I off at the mall in the afternoon. BreAnne joined us. Our  mission was to find a dress for JaRissa's wedding. I did. We also made a stop at the Bath and Body Works.  No, I'm not going to share a photo of the dress at this time.  Michael and the boys spent the afternoon at Krista's working on school, reading and doing laundry.  BreZaak had us over for a BBQ in the evening. 
Bre is 39 weeks. 
Wednesday, I made scones in the a.m. and then Stacia and I went to BreZaaks. Bre had prepared a tea for one of the professors at New Hope, Stacia, me, and her. Stacia and I stopped at Winco and bought groceries before heading back to the trailer.

Thursday - today! We are right on schedule for the week of school. We'll need to be MOTIVATED in the morning, but I think we can get it done.  When school was over today, we headed for Mom and Dad's. We got there as they drove up with two new recliners. Michael and the boys unloaded and set them up.  Stacia and Grandma made blondies, and the boys mowed the back yard. Michael and Dad went to Jerry's - a fix-it store around here.  He wanted to extend a black water tank wand.
Stacia and Grandma



Look what Michael found on the front porch! They're inside a fake greenery arrangement. 
Lorri (my cousin) and Mom taught us Farkle

We ended the visit with a BBQ in their back yard.