Friday, August 28, 2015

We'll Make It

A few days ago my boyfriend encouraged us by reporting, "We're 80% done." I must say THIS is the longest 20%  I've experienced.

We continue to move things from the living room to the trailer. I suppose it WAS progress as the piles used to be in three places.  We needed to repack the back. They put a lovely pass through storage bin at the very end of the trailer. Trouble is you aren't supposed to pack heavy at the end of a trailer.....we're busy rearranging.

I love the way this storage area in the back is shaping up. Four of the big drawers are still empty and may provide a bit more personal storage space, if I can keep from filling them. The best thing is all of these bins were re-purposed from the home.
Gumby and Joy grace the other end of the storage space. Both essentials in this season.
Semper Gumby - Always Flexible
The small kitchen has two drawers. I'm going to have to make use of these containers...though I have no cupboard or shelf big enough to store them.  Again, as a person who dislikes visible clutter, I am taking deep breaths and choosing to laugh at the adventure. Small home, huge living space - all of nature.

Yuuki is determined to stay in the Caboose. 

About mid-day we took all the stuff that will ride in the van to Matt and Rachel's.  The van will be full going to Oregon when we check out of here.  This is why we're looking for a bike solution (and I have photos of the bumpers for a post on that some day).

We stopped by Staples (looking for  a 1 watt wifi antenna - no luck) and the post office. The mail box key was inadvertently packed. They told us we should have left it for the landlord to buy a new one. WHAT?????

We sorted through the pantry and loaded several big boxes to take to the girls - college kids (Arielle and Katie) always need food. Vegan kids (Krista and Arielle)  will be happy to score my pantry.  Sometime in the process Michael remarked, "If I knew retirement was going to be this much work, I wouldn't have retired."

Finally, this afternoon, we started cleaning this house. Walls are spot cleaned, nail holes being filled, window tracks in process.....and while this went on Stacia and I went in search of a Laundromat in Wheatland. I enjoyed a conversation  with a gal who spoke no English, yet was extremely helpful. Laundry knows no language barriers. It was HOT. Took 2.5 hours to do 10 loads of laundry. We were dehydrated when we left. Lesson learned - laundry early or late in the day.

The arrival of clean clothes was properly heralded and then came the realization  most of us have some more pruning to do in our wardrobes if we can go 2 weeks without laundry and still have all the clothes in the Caboose.

By this time I was getting out and out sick. I had to cancel dinner at Matt and Rachel's and I wasn't happy at all about it. This was my last good chance to get Gemma De'Etta snuggles from Elianna and fun with Joy and the boys. Michael and the kids headed over....and Rachel helpfully sent photo messages during the night. It really WAS fun - helped me feel I was part.  The night was perfect - everyone needed to have a bit of fun - but we didn't have a lot of time for social pleasantries...Matt and Rachel are close enough not to be offended when I had to cancel and they could leave when they needed to.
I thought this was plain mean - love the photo though!
He's still got the touch

Rachel sent this home! I love it. This year's PWOC theme is surely appropriate for us as we uproot from military life and "normal" living. If you look to the left under the roots you'll see "Beale AFB." This cup will also remind me of the fantastic ladies I've been able to fellowship with for two years. Rachel designed it - which makes it even more precious!
Two days and a wake up!