Thursday, January 17, 2019

Kids Meet Annalise

I went over to BreZaak's this morning so Izaak could take Bella to meet Annalise. It was love at first sight. 

 She's going to be a good big sister. 

Gideon and I played and danced at home. He's a sweet and loving little man. 

I was making lunch and turned to find this! Something about this anti-climbing system didn't work as expected. What a character. 

Izaak spent the afternoon with the kids and I came home to tend to cleaning and prepping some food for Life Group. We had dinner and then Stacia and I went back to watch Gideon and Bella, while Izaak went to bring BreAnne and Annalise home.  Josiah and Larissa (Jared's wife) dropped by to meet Annalise. We played with the kids, visited and waited. 

Gideon was "running," while Larissa held him - it was hilarious but my phone didn't quite catch it. 

Finally, we heard the car in the driveway. Gideon was entranced with the baby. This picture seems symbolic as Annalise calmly sleeps, and the other two swirl around her. LOL 

His first really good look. He was ready to get her out of the car seat. 

"Baby, Baby"

Bella brought Bre over to introduce her to Annalise. It was crazy cute.

"Mama, this is baby." 

We had always had our newborns bring gifts to the older kids. BreZaak carried on the tradition. The kids were happy to get a tea set and a tool set/train engine. 

The picture of an experienced dad

 Auntie Riss and Annalise

Larissa face timed Jared so he could meet the new one too. 

Uncle Jamin and Annalise

Josiah had gotten into a "bit of a mess" at work today. He opted not to get close to Annalise tonight. It was an exciting day for BreZaak. How fun to be in town and get to share the day with them. I even got photos of Jamin and Rissa meeting Annalise.  Being together is well worth the annual winter adventure. 

Life is good in Alaska.

It was a long day for a little girl.