Thursday, June 04, 2015

Foaming Flouride

I have been dreading this afternoon ALL week. Yes, Rachel informed me I was as bad as Sethy. What can I say? I've had odd dental experiences. I was an adult before I realized that Novocain doesn't work for me. I thought dental chairs were meant to be torture devices.  We change dentists every few years, and with time we discovered with large amounts of Novocain and lots of time and I sort of numb.....

Last time this dentist worked on me he hit a nerve and my whole face went numb. I couldn't talk. It was alarming.

Arielle drove me today in case that happened again. It made for distracted driving.

Today - they DIDN'T numb me at all. I did not know this was the plan until I was laid back in the massage chair, watching Psyche. that the drill?


I haven't been  numbed.

These aren't bad, we're just going to do them without anesthesia.

Oy vey!

It wasn't as bad as many of my experiences.  I thought he was done, when he said, "I'm going to take care of this small one too."

THEN I had my 4 month cleaning.

THIS WAS NEARLY THE FINAL STRAW!  ::snort:: Have YOU ever had foaming fluoride?
The kids came out last week talking about gagging, and foaming and I basically told them to buck up. I've never had fluoride like this. I came home and researched and it seems you usually have a tray they put it in - but not here. She said to open up and filled my mouth with the stuff. Y'all it EXPANDS....and it FOAMS....and she said, "Swish." I tried......she said for a minute or so....soon it was exploding out my mouth, while I tried not to swallow and to swish...she turned around and grabbed another bib thing and wiped my face and chest....and said, "Just another minute." ::snort::

I know we didn't have this at the Misawa AB clinic.  This is the first time we've had it at this dental office. Have you had foaming fluoride yet? What do you think? Better than the old gel? I think it may be better if they put a bit in a tray instead of squirting it in your mouth.

Now I understand why Arielle nearly threw up and Alex (who has spectrum sensory issues) came out of the office appalled and sputtering last time.