Friday, March 08, 2019

Tea Party

Any day which contains a moment like the above, is a spectacular day. Annalise is seven weeks old.

Before we got to that delightful moment, the day began early. I have to push to work out Fridays before I leave for the church. But I "got er done." It wasn't a spectacular work out but it was 40 minutes.

Stacia asked if she could bring her school books and come with me to the study. She worked in a side room while we had Bible study.  She suggested we make a girls day of it before going to Bre's for tea.  That saved me a trip back home -  Bre lives in town.  Friday Bible study group is different than Tuesday Bible study group. I love how the Holy Spirit tailors each session to those in the group....and I love both. I am blessed to experience life with both groups. Today, after study, Donna somehow ended up braiding hair....and Stacia benefited. She reports that these ladies are much gentler than Arielle used to be. ::snort::

Stacia had suggested Subway for lunch. I like to get the veggie sub there.....I asked her to consider Vagabond Blues, an option of which she was unaware.  We have many little cafes in town. Michael doesn't much like going to my "girly restaurants" with Stacia hadn't gone to this one. Donna had mentioned the Hungarian Mushroom soup....we ordered a bowl each and it was delicious! I did NOT eat that huge loaf of bread.  I HAVE looked up a couple of recipes to try making this at home - or I could just go to Vagabond after study each week. LOL
Suitably impressed

We shopped around at some of the fun shops downtown, picked up books at the library, looked at a few real estate links Jamin sent, and ended up at BreZaak's for tea.
Almost caught a smile
 I missed Larissa and Krista, yet,  this was the PERFECT way to end a busy Friday at the end of a busy week.
Stacia, Arielle, Benny, BreAnne

I think this is her first tea party! 
 Benny went immediately for a scone. 
Arielle and Bennett aka Benny

Gideon  aka Bubbie
 I still love these plastic tea cups for little ones.....need to get more. 
Isabella aka Bella
Thanks, Bre. We had a lovely time. The kids all seemed to enjoy the break as well.