Monday, January 21, 2019

Teething on Salmon

We split up today. Stacia and I stayed home. Our schedules were delightfully interrupted last week, and we both felt we could use this "day off" best by catching up.  Stacia worked on school. I edited her papers, answered her questions, worked on various Bible studies, and did a couple of admin ministry type things.

Michael and Alex, picked up Izaak and met Josiah at Matanuska Lake. They continue to learn ice fishing techniques. It's a learning curve. Summer 2017 we had to learn the whole fly fishing- salmon fishing technique. Summer 2018 we learned dip netting and set netting. Winter 2019 - it's ice fishing baby. ::snort::  We may need to find a local to show us how to get the really big ones OUT OF THE ICE!  Izaak did drag a couple of good sized Arctic Char out of the lake.

{Insert imagined photos}

The guys got home after 5 p.m. - tired and hungry. We ate. We decided to take care of fish tomorrow. It promises to be a fishy day with filleting, brining (is that a WORD?), smoking and canning.

Arielle and Benny visited our floor of the house to see Josiah. I had some smoked salmon out for Josiah. Benny's an all Alaskan boy. He saw the smoked fish - and he chowed down. I asked him if he wanted a bit and he shoved it all into his mouth.
Those eyes! 

"Benny, do you like fish?" 

He opened his mouth to show me. 

He charmed Uncle Cy and got more...

Uncle Alex came in and took some salmon for himself. 

His actions did not meet with Benny's approval. There are some things a guy just doesn't want to share! 

Benny is all S family.....but that scowl is all Gherkin. It's nice to see the Gherkin scowl has come down to another generation. ::snort::