Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Better Days

I've had better days - and it's bound to get better again - soon.

Updates: We did have Bible Study last night - it was a blessing. I was fairly nauseated and light headed when I got home. Went to bed. Stayed in bed...until this day began. I should have stayed in bed.

I'm still sick. I did run up to base to get a form I needed to fax to Darshia who is diligently trying to walk the trailer through the DMV up there. Thanks again.

Right before I left to go the base a policeman showed up at my door. Seems a neighbor had called and complained about the trailer. Please folks, if YOU are a neighbor with a complaint - talk to your neighbor first. Goodness. I had no idea there is a city ordinance about trailers parked in residential areas - I see them off and on in our area. The policeman was very nice. He said that folks do park all manners of trailers in the area and they don't follow up on them unless someone complains. Guess it was my lucky day. LOL

He was fairly disgusted when he heard the whole story. He didn't write me a ticket, didn't put a sticker on the trailer and so it won't be towed, and won't log the visit. He said he'd tell them at the office and when the neighbor calls back to see why the police haven't impounded the trailer they'll tell them "it's a gift for her deployed spouse - chill out!" BUT I can't move it until I get current tags and's a catch 22. I had to run to base to see what they would need to let me park it up there....the men there told me to call the dealer and give him "holy h***" and to "go off" on them until they came and moved it. I'd rather get the tags and find a way to move it. I'm really just not good at giving people grief in these situations.

I'm considering going door to door to explain the situation to the neighbors. Maybe I should have earlier, but honestly the trailer is in front of OUR YARD and not on anyone else's property so I didn't think it was a huge one had said a thing. ::snort:: Maybe I should distribute a flier door to door - it may be the way to meet neighbors that we've been praying for. ::snort:: Maybe not. I'll see what I think when I'm not feverish.

I got home and spent the afternoon in bed. Not a bad thing, really. I got up and took Jared to Albertsons. He ran in for milk and I sat in the van and tried not to do anything indiscreet. I'm now updating the blog because so many of you have been sweet enough to let me know you are praying and there is no way I can sit up long enough to answer each email. I'm heading to bed.

Jamin is feeling a bit iffy and Arielle has vague symptoms....they don't really know exactly what is wrong with them...we'll see if anything develops.

It is certainly not the asparagus! LOL Darshia - the Iditarod issues and posters arrived today. YEAH! Thanks for thinking of the children. They were excited to see the teams and photos and such.

So - I AM choosing joy....a bit weakly...but I'm looking for it. Praying that this is a 48 hour flu....and I've been spending my 10 minutes a day in the sun to cut my flu risks by 50% - what's up with THAT????