Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Unexpected Fireworks

Snow or no snow, we needed to be up and OUT of the house by 0940 to make it to Anchorage for dad's cardiac follow-up. Michael came with us as the doc office required a negative covid test for the appointment, and I don't have one. LOL  I stayed in the car and had some blessed quiet time, journaled, prayed, read....and they called and put me on speaker during parts of the appointment. Worked well. Maybe we should do ALL appointments this way. ::wink::

The appointment was fairly pointless and I am NOT sure why Maple Springs and Ancora insisted this needed to happen. They simply checked his incision and the answer to all our questions was, "That is a good question to ask his Cardiologist in the Valley." OK then.  I called to make an appointment with the cardiologist and they wanted the oral surgeon to fax info to them. I called the Oral Surgeon and they are closed on Wed.....Dr's are closed on Friday....the weeks are growing alarmingly shorter around here during 2020. 

Taking Dad to town for the doc reminded us of taking Mom G to town for the doc. Both insist on stopping at a restaurant, regardless of the time of day. The challenge today is no restaurants are open for dine in in Anchorage. We stopped and had some Panda Express in the parking lot....Dad agreed to Panda and then was a bit put out that he couldn't order a Big Mac. Oops....I guess "anywhere" and "Chinese is fine," means stop at the McDonalds.  ::snort:: 

Friday nights have been our traditional pizza night...Wednesday nights are our busiest at this point. The kids suggested we switch and we did just that tonight.  Nolan had picked up Alex AND pizza before we got home. Stacia was making cookies for a youth party. 

Michael and I enjoy dropping Stacia at youth group and going out for a hot drink. Snatching time alone is precious in this season. We watched the Laci's do this all those years ago in Hardin and FINALLY we don't have a thing planned on Wed. night, the boys stay with Grandpa,  and we can steal a bit of time alone. LOL Seasons....

We happened upon the lighting of a menorah and fireworks presented by our local Jewish Center....we thought the Menorah would STAY lit and planned to get a photo after we warmed up. We grabbed these photos on the way in for our tea. 

It made us happy to find a nativity and a menorah on "town square."

Note: it is too LIGHT out to have fireworks on July 4th.  Instead we have them the day after Thanksgiving, after the Colony Christmas parade, tonight and New Years. LOL