Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Last night was to be our last study of the year. I began getting calls an hour before the study and we ended up cancelling. We had some amazing storms again last night. We didn't get hail this time (lots on Sunday) but we did have wind, rain, and lots of thunder. I was looking forward to concluding our Bible Study season last night....not that I don't love the group....but I am in a "closure" stage right ending, graduation, Bible Study....seems the thing to do.

I let the younger ones go out and play in the rain. We used to do the sames in the dorms in the Philippines. BTW, she has a rubber snake...not a real one! ::snort::
The storm blew several eggs out of our tree. The kids called me to take photos, I took one and then cried. The little bird was perfectly formed and I'm sure it was a great homeschool science lesson but it made me very sad.
We ended the night reading some hilarious stories from a compilation of outdoor writers. We read one Patrick McManus, our all time favorite, and I can't remember who the other guy was but it was a great story. We laughed, prayed, and went to bed. A great night - but I still wish we could have finished up Bible Study. LOL