Friday, May 25, 2007

Sister Fun

Bre began teaching the kids this human video on one of her past trips home. They said they're ready to preform it for the rest of us and will do that - probably tomorrow night. Here are some photos I grabbed of their practice session.
I love the way Stacia jumped into the action LOL

Shew.... Life Can be soooo Tiring

I slept this a.m.

I read.

I got up and posted photos earlier to the blog.

I slept.

I got some beautiful flowers. Thanks, friend.

I read.

I had a melt down.

I got up and ate.

I was so tired I slept for 2 more hours.

I watched Hoodwinked with the family.

I did not take Nolan to speech. Mike did.

I did not do produce co-op.

Tonight was our second PWOC project night - and I missed it....that was a bummer for me. But it will be monthly.

I enjoyed having the girls home. I snuggled with Zander and Stacia. I oohed and ahhed over Arielle's first military ID - unfortunately no one remembered the camera - and I forgot to remind them.

What is a Man Like this Worth?

Mike went to Sam's last night to pick up some essentials: milk, watermelon, mixed nuts....all in an effort to pique my lagging appetite. AND he came back with THIS....

These are contraband in our house - full of preservatives, dyes, and artificial flavors. We've not had any here for over a year....but I now have a 3 lb stash of M/M's. I HAVE to hide them because they are poison for I get to savor them alone...well I'm fairly sure Mike has designs on them. ::snort:: I'm not real sure they are great for iron and red blood count....but hey they sure TASTE good....the kids can enjoy the all natural "sun drops" and just for a bit - I'm going to be NAUGHTY!

Josiah's New Car

Josiah's been saving diligently for a car. Mike and I have been impressed with the way he went about this. He saved every penny. He wanted a used car that he could pay cash for and have less insurance. He wanted a car that would get him through college and maybe a few years beyond. He researched and patiently waited. We looked at LOTS of cars.

He finally found a Toyota Camry. He took it to a mechanic. The mechanic said it was in great shape, low miles good car but the seller was asking too much. Josiah offered him nearly 1K less. He accepted. He paid cash, got a good car, and has lots of money left for his first semester of college. Go Josiah!

Here is Josiah on May 23rd - Wed - with a check from the bank made out to the seller. He delivered the check to Mike at base but wasn't able to make connections with the seller.

Mike delivered the check and got the key. Krista and the youngers took the key over to Cy at work that night.

Yesterday (24th) they all went to base for Cy to pick up his car. They took lots of photos for me.

Josiah drove kids home (and they reported that he is very particular about what you do in the car ::snort::). He drove the older kids out to DQ for a treat. He parked the car in front of my bedroom window so that I could enjoy the view..... We had a hail warning about an hour after he brought the car home. ::snort::

We had a wonderful moment when it was time for him to leave to work, "Do you want to take the van or should I pick you up tonight after work?"

"Um, I think I'll just take MY car!" ::snort::

Water Fight!

WHO STARTED THIS? (May 23rd - Wednesday)
You are NEVER too old to have a good ole' fashioned water fight with your big sister....::snort::

I think this began with a squirt gun and accelerated to this!


One thing I've been thinking of is how someones simple words can be a precious gift to another.

Deja has been a BLESSING to our family and I want to publicly thank her. She helped me put things in perspective with one simple phrase a week ago. I was fretting over what to do with produce co-op. I hate the idea of cancelling. I'd cancelled a couple of weeks ago, last week was iffy because we were waiting for results from an US on Wed.....we ended up having co-op as the US was "positive". I did call Deja to see if she would be willing to help me make calls after my WED US if needed. She not only agreed to help but told me she would make them ALL. She also used that simple phrase I mentioned above, "you are dealing with a death in the family". Wow - of course no one would expect you to run a produce co-op if you'd just had a death in your family. No one would expect you to be at every chapel/civic event, be cheery and bright and up...they'd understand that you need a few days to cocoon with family....and she gave me permission to take that time with that one phrase.

THEN this week when it became apparent that I was not going to be able to do co-op she called EACH member who had ordered this week and talked to them so that I wouldn't have to make a zillion calls with the same message.....

Thanks, Deja. I appreciate you. You have honestly given me a priceless gift, the right to grieve.

Busy Day

We FINALLY got the repairman here today to fix our washer. When HE was here it worked perfectly. I told him we've been hauling water because it won't fill. He showed me it is working - but ordered a new something or other anyway - just to pacify ME - the dizzy woman who wanted to be in bed but was up dealing with him and threatning to go to Lowes and BUY A GE! ::snort:: I was polite - honest.

Mike has Arielle, Jamin, Jared and Krista at the base getting new ID cards. They needed to be updated since his promotion - and Arielle gets her first one today. Josiah and I will have to do our lates - he's working - I'm still not public ready. ::snort::

Some are wondering why I'm still so dizzy etc. I need to build up red blood cells or some such I need to EAT according to Mike. At the hospital my blood pressure was low and my oxygen level off - I feel much better today - I'm sitting and typing...though I plan to go take a nice nap and spend the rest of the day "lounging".

My family is amazing - they've been carrying on my obsession and taking photos of everything - so I'm going to try to upload some photos - or maybe have someone else do it of the last few days.

I really do have lots to share, have been thinking lots...but this is enough "up" time for now.