Thursday, April 18, 2024

A Thursday in Spring

I was up early to workout and shower before GG woke up.   I actually woke up at 0500 and had lots of time to sit with the word, prayer and music - daily grace. Good stuff.  I also got two loads of laundry done, a roast started to turn into dinner, eggs sorted, and chickens set up for a great day of discovering bare patches in the snow.  They love the paths Michael made for the grandkids. 

We worked through GG's morning routine and settled him in with the paper and his bell. I headed out to pick up Stacia after her morning class. We headed out for our Brunch study. Unfortunately, our favorite cafe was too loud for Stacia to pay attention, so we went in search of a different venue for the day. 

Stacia said this is the best cup of hot chocolate she's had. All in all, everything turned out fine. I had rooibos chai, with a side of cream, and I brought my own stevia.  We were off in a side area where it was fairly quiet. 

I ate 1/2 of my sandwich and took the other 1/2 home for Dad's lunch. It was titled a "salmon burger." 
The tomato feta soup is AHmazing! 

Michael had an appointment to see a chiropractor and get a massage. His back is really acting up again. While he was gone, I shredded the roast, added BBQ sauce and decided it wasn't enough for dinner. I put chicken and BBQ sauce in the other slow cooker...everyone had a choice of BBQ sandwich, roasted veggies, salad and fries. 

I got a few more phone calls and emails sent. 

Millie went crazy and Dad and I finally deduced Arielle and the boys were at the door. They decided to chip away at the ice by our front door. Win Win! 
Making trenches and draining the puddle at our door

The girls were out at a surprise birthday thing (not a party - a gathering) for Allie. Jenni arrived just as Arielle and the boys were leaving. We ate when everyone made it home...and then...say it with me, "We settled in to watch an episode (2 this time) of, "All Creatures Great and Small." We finished the 2nd season. Note, I have exchanged the winter pillow covers for the spring covers. That's about the ONLY way to tell it's spring at our place. ::snort:: 

GG went to bed. Jenni headed home. Allie sauntered downstairs for homework.  Michael and I chatted and then he relaxed with a crossword puzzle while I began to blog. 

Stacia is busy making Allie's favorite dessert...Sticky Toffee Pudding. The whole kitchen has filled with the smell of toffee. Why would Stacia break from studies to make a dessert? Allie turns 20 tomorrow!!!!

1. A lazy afternoon of cleaning and cooking for an evening with Jenni. 
2. Boys learning to be such a big help to others! 
3. Arielle, Jenni, Allie and Stacia - all so encouraging. 
4. LIGHT at 9 p.m. ... I like dark evenings better than brightly lit evenings...but this means we should have green "soon." 

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Tea Party with Grands

I enjoyed an impromptu tea party with three of BreZaak's kids today. Trudy has some ear pain and so I stayed with these guys while they went to the docs.