Sunday, February 10, 2019

February Birthday Celebrations

Mom would have been 78 today. I'm not the only one who was thinking of her. Michael mentioned it fairly early in the day. Dad and I had a sweet, somewhat sad talk. 

Mom and Dad were in the Philippines when Josiah was born. His birthday is Feb 9th - IN THE STATES; but in the Philippines he was born on the 10th - Mom's birthday. She never let us forget they REALLY shared a birthday.  I'm behind in blogging Nolan and Josiah's birthdays....but today we planned for all to come over and celebrate our February birthdays. Four of our five boys have birthdays in February. Nolan turned 20, Josiah turned 30, Alex will be 17 and Jamin will be 28. Michael added all the years together and came up with we have 85 + 10 candles on the cheese cake.  There was also a mint ice cream cake and a small dinette cake.  Alex' birthday is tomorrow and I need to get his cake in the freezer tonight. The cheesecake is going home with Josiah and Jamin.
Nolan, Alex, Josiah and Jamin 
The day began shortly after mid-night when I began to prepare today's turkey. I had it in the roaster by 1:30 a.m. - so it would be ready by 2 p.m. I  stayed up for the first hour of high heat and turned it down....then tried to get a few more hours of sleep in the recliner.

By 5:15 a.m. I was up and making salad, peeling potatoes, cooking potatoes, making bread.....and then we headed to church. We had nursery today.  There were 3 lovable kids, a quiet day.

During nursery I read confirmation that BreZaak and the kids' wouldn't make it. They are fighting a bug. Larissa is feeling under the weather and didn't want to risk infecting the babies. Jared is still in Juneau.  Cory is pushing hard with school. We ended up being a small group of 10 - but we had lots of fun anyway. It was good to relax together. Krista called today, too! They've moved into their new place and are busy trying to unpack. 

Josiah vies for favorite uncle status by letting
 Benny play with his phone

Benny was gently rubbing Stacia's hair.  We  watched him process, and then reach out for Jamin's head. I captured the moment. 
Jamin, Benny, Arielle and Stacia

He's perplexed! ::snort:: 
 After cake came gifts....they all got a gift card to Sportsman's Warehouse. Jamin got a GIANT flashlight. I mean HORRIFICALLY BRIGHT. It may come in handy in some of the neighborhoods he's been in with his real estate business.

Alex also got some fishing tools. He'll get more gifts from us 4 tomorrow. 

Nolan got a mug and we signed over the Jeep Liberty to him. 

Josiah got fishing lures. 

Cory broke away from school for a visit....most are playing Snow Board kids. 

CoRielle have gone home (downstairs) and Benny is getting a bath. Nolan is on his way to bed (he works at 0500), I've got turkey broth simmering....

I should stay up and push through to the end of 1 John 2....but I'm tired.  1 John is an amazing book. I AM  finding it challenging to feel like I've studied it as well as I'd like.