Thursday, April 12, 2007

Highlights of Wednesday and Thursday

I spent nearly two hours yesterday at the base clinic. Why? I had to get a pregnancy test before I can get a referral to make an appointment to see my OB. Evidently, they drew my blood and went to lunch (or so the ladies at the women's health clinic guessed). After 1 1/2 hours they came and told me I was pregnant (I'd already done two home pg tests - so wasn't totally surprised). They put in a prescription for prenatal vitamins. I can't take these. They make me ill every pregnancy - I can't swallow big pills. I can't keep them down. Every time I get them though and try. I waited another 15 min and when they still didn't have them ready I told them I'd have Mike pick them up some time. Small bases are hilarious. When I went to turn in the slip for prenatals the tech said, "Aren't you Chaplain G's wife?" I said, "'s still a secret!" ::snort::

I rushed home from the clinic, called the OB and can't be seen until the end of May, but at least it's scheduled. I am going to be visiting with Debbie, the dietitian soon. I'm really struggling to even get 1200 the last few weeks and know that I need 300 - 500 more calories than that. I'm hoping she can pep me up or help me figure out HOW to do that. LOL

It was gorgeous yesterday and we had a birthday party for Micky at the park. I got to tell Charly, Beth and Sherry our news....

Today we did school again....really enjoying our history reader. I'm about to give up on catching a fly. We've got lots of fruit flies and don't need to see any more of THOSE...we needed to watch a FLY eat...and such. Oh well. Maybe I'll try some chips and salsa instead of a banana, maybe TX flies like more spice. ::Snort:: Here's a photo of an experiment we did today. We were studying water bugs that walk on water. The photo is hard to see but the paper sunk and the needle floated.

We went to the park for a bit of time. We've not been to the homeschool park day all year. It was time. The kids had a great time. I had fun talking with moms that I don't usually see. One lovely Mom, Cindy, gave me two copies of Above Rubies. It looks to be full of great encouragement.
Picked Cy up from work. Picked Jamin and Jared up from their volunteer ministry. I got a quick co-op newsletter pulled together and will now go set up tables.
You're up to date with the latest from my house to yours.....she says in a strange broadcaster voice.