Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I Love My Life

Another fun day of  school. The younger two are really liking Famous Men of the Middle Ages and  Arabian Night Tales.  Nolan is figuring out his new High School Routine. Arielle is keeping us all in line. ::snort:: 

The older three went out of an early morning run. My knees just don't like running so I settled for a step workout....We got a kick out of Yuuki stretching with everyone at the end of working out. 

When Arielle was done stretching, Yuuki was determined to get as close to her as possible. ::snort::

I  love how well the family room is working for us. We've never had one that we could use for "family" gatherings...and I like it. We did our table school in the family room...didn't have to pick it all up at lunch time...it's the little things that make one sing. 

I pulled out the "treasure chest" which came with Sing Spell Read and Write. I've debated long and hard about "rewarding" children to learn....knowledge, pride of learning should be it's own reward...but this came along with the kit and since our youngest is eight...I better use it now or send it to the thrift store. I let her pick out trinket.....I told Zander he could pick something too.
Which led to this...and the gleeful observation, "I love my life." I'm not so sure Arielle loves his life. It's a gekko and she's developed a really over-the-top fear of the things. Yes, I talked to Zander. 

After lunch we rode bikes over to the purple park to meet Stephanie and her three darlings. It was GREAT to have adult conversation. Nolan rode over when he was done with school. The weather is cooling off and it was pleasant...a bit hot...but pleasant. It was nice for the kids to run off energy and fun for Moms to have adult talk. It felt like "home"  - at the park with a young mom and her kids - reminded me of my gals in Misawa. I love my life too.  All my other park photos  turned out blurry - guess this is the Arielle post.

I had just enough time to get dinner ready before Michael got home at 6:00 p.m. Brussel Sprouts, Stir fry, Pasta, Salad, Watermelon....I had no clue what some of the things were I threw in the stir fry. I tasted raw and figured if I didn't keel over it was probably good for the stir fry.  Yuuki sits right under my feet while I cook...every.night. I'm telling her here she does not like Brussel Sprouts.

When Arielle keeled over at dinner, I began to worry  maybe something WAS poisonous...but no one else keeled over.

Michael is after the birds....it's a bit ironic to read about God's wonderful, intelligent creation of BIRDS - while they fly into our windows.

Choosing Joy! 
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...