Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Musing on My Health Journey

I find myself thinking about my health plan more this month. The end of the month will mark one year since I cut out sugar and began limiting carbs due to diabetes. At the same time I added a bit of lean protein (salmon and chicken breast) and low-fat dairy back into my diet.  I get plenty of healthy fats.  In other words I listened to my medical provider and switched to a  Mediterranean/Blue Zone LIFESTYLE...

I am giving it my all, WITHIN THE PLAN. I do not plan to skip eating for days, or work out for 3 hours a day....only things I can sustain for a lifetime this time around.

I've lost 40 - 45 lbs twice before.  Both times it stayed off 2 - 3 years.  I am aging. It needs to stay off this time; it gets harder to lose each time. ::snort:: My focus has been on maintenance, even as I lose. I make only changes I know I CAN and WILL WANT to maintain for a lifetime.  I'm also working on a healthy relationship with food. Other than sugar no food is off limits, I simply choose how to work it into the plan if I want it. The loss has been slower.  BUT my focus is much different. I have proven to myself I can lose the weight with ANY weight loss plan; vegetarian, portion control, nutritarian/healthy vegan.....but I have also proven the weight will come back as soon as one quits whatever plan they are on.... You've heard it all before. ::snort:: I just had to prove it! I have no doubt I would lose weight on any diet out there...but I finally know that it won't stay off unless I eat THAT way the rest of my life. And frankly, I don't want to eat THAT way with most of the diets out there.

This month I'm participating in a challenge by a gal known in WW circles. Tamara offers #MarchMeltawaywithTamara. The challenge consists of 5 core habits. All are habits I "plan" to focus on anyway, but her encouragement and videos help me to stay motivated. Lots of alliteration...but each day I choose at least 3 habits for the March Meltaway Challenge. The habits are Mindful Meals, Meaningful Movement, Mighty Moisture, Me Moments (self-care) and Meltaway Mutterings (kind, warm words to another).  I'm having fun with it and posting my recaps on instagram.

Friday, I had ONE piece of pizza and stayed well within my eating plan for the day. This is amazing. It did not trigger me to eat 1/2 the pizza or to have to have pizza for breakfast today.  I also got 80 active minutes in. I'm not sure what a good amount of water to drink would be. I'm hearing everything from 60 - 100 ounces....and then just drink 1/2 your weight....anyway...I am making an effort to drink at least 64 oz a day. I aim for 80, but settle for 64. How much water do you drink?

I will not make my ultimate goal this month, but I plan to give it my all for this last month of my first year of my life-long journey to health and wellness.

 Honestly, I'm no longer sure what my ending goal is...I'm reconsidering. It will be within the range of "normal" for my height and BMI. How do you settle on a weight goal?

I started this days ago...and then thought I'd find a photo...and here it is on my desktop. The past few days have been a whirlwind of fun.

Here I am last March with friends (middle)

I don't take a lot of photos....here I am last night with my man

Here's a blurry selfie...20 - 30 lbs to go...14 lbs to hit the upper range of "normal." 

You know - the loss has been slow....and so I don't really "see" the difference...but there it is. ::snort:: 

Terrific Spring Break Tuesday

Today the Youth Group enjoyed "Triple Sonics Tuesday." They met and viewed Sonic at the theater, went to the arcade and played Sonic, and then went to Sonics for lunch.
Stacia, Josiah, Jesse, Evan, Allie, Krista

lunch time 
 The highlight of my day was visiting Bre and the grands.  They were finishing lunch when I arrived.  I brought some Almond Poppy Seed muffins and some sugar free banana/chocolate/oatmeal cookies. The cookies were NOT a hit - but I "enjoy" them. The muffins were devoured.

Gideon often falls asleep over lunch 

Bella enjoyed tea with Mom and Grandma

Annie is growing so fast 
 Bella wanted to put together is awesome puzzle. I was happy to attempt it with her. Annie was happy to try to add chaos to the endeavor. I LOVE this photo. Bella looks proud and a bit nervous, Annie is heading for the puzzle with all she's worth and Bre is chasing her. ::snort::