Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sensational Saturday

God has blessed us with this hot tub. Michael and I began our Saturday soaking and chatting......

Then we were off to Ch. Josh K's and Christine's wedding. In our living room.

This was a first! The wedding was at Edwards AFB. Michael preaches tomorrow. We planned to drive down to Edwards and back. Josh said he couldn't see driving 15 hours for a 1 hour ceremony. He set it up so those of us who couldn't attend were able to join the wedding via LIVE STREAM! It was COOL.
Our wing chaplain and his lovely family joined us for lunch and the wedding.  Zander said, "Let's do weddings like this all the time. You can enjoy them this way." ::snort::  I think he enjoyed being able to eat lunch and chat during the wedding.  I KNOW he and Stacia loved the time they spent with Jonathan.

The S family were at Yokota AFB in Tokyo before they moved here to Beale. This was a fun photo to take.

We had another Peeping Tom incident.....more accurately a Peeping Pigeon incident. We're still at war with them. They may be winning at this point.

Arielle and Nolan had their second Japanese lesson with Ryu and Kim this afternoon. They are really enjoying this piece of "Japan" in the midst of our new life... honoring  the past and embracing the future.

While they "worked," Michael and I chatted with Bre. We put her on the speaker phone and had a great time.  It will be much fun to see all in November.

We rounded out the evening with leftovers and a Netflix movie, "Aristocats."  We streamed the movie and  had my laptop connected to the big screen. Right as the movie ended, Earl Jr and Mary (Michael's brother), Skyped in. It was great fun to talk with them from the  big screen. They caught us because the Skype was left online due to the Japanese lessons. I need to remember to turn Skype on and chat with folks when they can catch us.

It was a great Saturday full of life's blessings: a bit of couple time, family time, friends and fellowship, extended family.....good times - God times.

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

Cheering Them On!

It seems the role of a MOCA (Mom of College Aged and Adults) is to be a cheer leader.  I watch, pray and cheer as the adult Gherkins streak through life. 
::snort:: Jamin - 2nd set from the right
Ladies Retreats, Campus Life Trips to Six Flags, youth trips...
Krista - front right

Planning VBS's, youth outreaches, outreaches to the city's homeless and bridal showers for friends....
Krista & Bre at Terrah's Bridal shower

New marriages and hobbies established and growing....
Shelby & Josiah - just MARRED

The newest Gherkin! 

New Ministry initiatives....
Bre on the right
Go Team Go! Your Dad and I are in the balcony cheering  you on. 

This  may be the week this one breaks the college record.....he's running this week and I'm praying. October 15 - 5:00 p.m. - Red Arroyo (off College Hills). 
Run Jamin!

This is also mid-term week for Jamin and Jared.... Jamin's last and we'll all gather in TX to cheer him on as he graduates in December!

Jared will have another mambo cardiac test....
Jared AKA as SUPER Server! 
Yep - praying and cheering and keeping watch! Gotta love technology which allowed me to shamelessly harvest all but one of these photos. When a mom can't be there - technology is the next best thing. Speaking of's a joy to be able to text, FB and call the elders.....and I did just that with most of them yesterday! Go techies!

The future looks bright with a generation like these marching out to make their mark for the King!

Go Team, GO. 
Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...