Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Rolling Birthdays

When one goes a month without blogging; one hardly knows how to "catch up."  I thought I'd group things into subjects; grief, probate woes, friends, birthdays, repairs, Bella - but even that is unwieldy. I thought of going day by day - but in hindsight some of those days could easily be forgotten. ::snort::  Let's begin with birthdays and see where we go from there! 

We had planned to have a big birthday bash at the house, on the 11th, for all the February birthday celebrants who live in the area - Nolan (8th), Mom T (10th), Alex (11th), Will (my brother 14th). I'd thought to give honorable mention to the anniversaries - BreZaak's and ours -  as well.  Mom G's homegoing changed those plans unexpectedly and completely.

It turns out we were in Crescent City on Nolan's birthday to look for legal papers; an overnight trip. We were back on the road again on the Alex's birthday as we traveled down a few days early to make sure details were in place for Mom G's Memorial Service.

This year the boys had rolling birthdays - deployments and cross-country moves have made rolling birthdays a common thing for the Gherkins.

We spent Nolan's 18th birthday searching for papers! He was the hero of the day and actually was the one to find the will and trust.  Stacia made him a homemade card. We picked up an ice cream cake on our way through Grants Pass.

We were back in Eugene on the 10th and managed to enjoy a Birthday visit with Mom T.

We drove down to Crescent City on Alex's 15th birthday (the 11th) to take care of details and prepare for Mom G's service (13th). Once again, Michael stopped at a Dairy Queen and picked up an ice cream cake.

Alex chose a Chinese Buffet in Crescent City for his birthday dinner. When we walked in the waiter asked, "Where is your mom?" Um....this was repeated in many places we went as people expressed their love of Mom G, their condolences on her passing and had words of affirmation for us as to the months we were in Crescent City with her. Seems Mom had told quite a few people stories about us. ::snort::
Lots of smiles and tears mixed that week
So - they had a cake. We eventually gave Alex a Trac Phone and Nolan a computer game (which our OS won't run).

March 7th we surprised the boys with the plates, napkins, balloons we'd had forgotten to take in the motor home.  Stacia and I made Peanut Butter Crack Brownies, garnished them with candles and surprised the boys.
Aren't these great - and they lasted a LONG time

I have since found their birthday cards - so one last piece of the birthday celebration to come. LOL