Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Whatever Day this May BE - TODAY!

The day began at 5:30 a.m. with a phone call to Rick about produce.

Then breakfast (eggs, biscuits and fruit). Oh - funny there - I didn't have buttermilk so had some milk in a cup with vinegar in it....Stacia will eat ANYTHING and took a big swig. I think this is the one of the first times I've seen her make a big deal about something she ate. ::snort::

School - we're moving into China. Jared is ahead of us now and studying the Civil Rights Movement.

It was simply TOO BEAUTIFUL to stay home today...and we DID learn at that seminar on Monday that if you spend 10 minutes a day outside you cut your chances of catching the flu by purely for health reasons....I called Tricia and we headed for the lake. What a gorgeous day - did I say that already? ::snort:: After the past month of cold and snow this is a true blessing. Jared came and sat and worked on school. The younger ones played and I "discreetly" followed with camera. ::snort:: I'll post some photos below of our kids at the lake....being very careful that none of Trica's are included.

Home to make dinner and field a few phone calls.

Mom and Dad called. Dad has contracted an infection and will NOT be able to have surgery tomorrow. He'll have to finish his course of meds, so at least another 10 day wait. Do continue to pray for him whilst he waits. Being inactive is very hard...being in severe pain while inactive is even tougher. Thanks ya'll.

Mike called.

Children are in bed and I've not worked out today . I'll go do at least 30 minutes of the step workout as soon as I post this. I did do the 8 minutes in the morning...oh yeah...and I've begun doing reverse crunches and such each a.m. I was able to do 10 crunches the other a.m. LOL I'll get steps are still steps in the right direction. Today was weigh in. Another pound. I'd hoped for two - but hey - let's not get greedy.
Raised in the eye of the camera - he paused and posed for me without prompting....

On the Swinging Bridge...a bit unsure...check out the tongue! Note she reached for Arielle immediately!

Hanging Around


Peek-a - Boo


I didn't even know they made such things. Josiah came home from work with this last night. Mandy had dropped by Chick Fil A and asked him to bring this to his Mom. Thanks, Mandy, again!

Wow! You type in an item - chocolate chip cookie - for instance and up pops the fat, carbs, protein and calories! This should make it easier for me to have a realistic view of what I'm eating. I thought a cookie was 250 calories or so....but it's only 45 - 60....and I make mine small AND I use all organic, fresh ground flour etc....they must be GOOD for me. ::snort::

I HAD begun to wonder if there were programs to do such a thing for a PDA - but those of you who know my PDA saga know that I have a love/hate relationship with it. I can have a pure love relationship with this little gizmo. ::snort::

What Have I Been Up To?

 Or Why Didn't I Post Yesterday?


Hair cut for Nolan and birthday for Jamin.

Cooking - why does this always need REPEATED when I've just done it hours before????

Library - had to go to the central library for some books for Jared. He's charging ahead at a rapid pace which means he's ready for books I've not checked out or ordered yet.

Produce - I'm now ordering for our produce co-op and am looking for ways to streamline the whole operation so that it takes the same amount of time that it has been taking me...or less. LOL I think I'm wrapping my mind around it - but that took some thinking time...which mean less blogging time. ::snort:: If I start enforcing the "cash in advance" policy it will save a trip to the bank. I got up at 5:30 this a.m. to call Rick (produce manager) to put in our order, and it only took 20 minutes. A trip to the bank easily takes that much time. Also, I know that several would take boxes to the recycling center if I ASK - and so I will remember to ask. That will save time.

I made up some spreadsheets (can't remember how to do formulas so they are of limited use BUT all the info is in one spot) to survey members on items and frequency....and then made a spread sheet with the prices from HEB and the going prices around town so I can get a feel for what's a good deal. EVERYTHING seems like a GREAT deal to me having moved from AK. I've been spoiled by first Heather and then Adrienne making my produce choices. I simply gave them money and knew they'd each picked out the best deals. LOL We've had 5 new members join this we continue to steadily build our numbers...which will mean we're able to buy more items in a size that is manageable....

That's life to this date....Please pray for Dad - his surgery is tomorrow!