Sunday, May 15, 2022

Random Glimpses of the Week

Michael and I snatched a few minutes after one of Allie's appointments to do a wee bit of celebrating. This is our first time inside Dairy Queen since 2020. LOL  Please note it is Allie's hand and blizzard in the foreground. I am not holding two blizzards...and also note they are minis. I am hoping it doesn't tank the A1C test later this week. 

Michael, De'Etta and Allie

It's getting real! The banner and yard sign arrived. 

CoRielle walked down to a local coffee shop to do a bit of celebrating on their own. LOL  

That's some drink! 📷by Arielle

Arielle's guys! 📷by Arielle

Millie loves play time with Stacia

I suppose I am going to need to spend a bit more time gardening and less time reading in the greenhouse very soon. LOL 

I was SHOCKED to see gas jump from $4.09 to $4.71 (and this was AFTER my fuel rewards were applied) in less than a week. I need to find out which day of the week gas prices rise and fill up strategically. LOL 

We've done a lot of driving this week. The cost is high, but the girls are getting lots of practice driving around town.  Allie finished up her gig helping with a short film created for a high school class. Stacia had several babysitting gigs. Allie worked with Lady. Food co-op was this week. Lifegroup was this week. Michael had a couple of appointments in Anchorage.  

I was thrilled to get one walk in the midst of a busy week...walking may be smarter as gas prices rise. 

A cart like this can only mean a BBQ is in the planning...

And when the cake decorating tackle comes is going to be a party. In this case we spent time this week prepping for Alliebration - our celebration of Allie. 

The girls and I ended the week by going to see Aida last night at our local community theater. It was a blast. Allie gifted me with a night out at the theater for my birthday in January. It didn't work out with friends and  we decided the three of us would go! It was a fun ending to a hectic week. 

We are two months into Lifegroup and I'm realizing I need to be sure we don't schedule a lot of out of the house activity and appointments on the weeks we have Lifegroup  and Wholesome Food Co-op (2nd and 4th Tuesday and Thursday).   Simply being aware of the heightened pace and scheduling accordingly will relieve stress around here. 

Stress?  Check out our favorite stress-relivers. They're growing fast. Millie is doing well with them. She simply ignores them...and we are always sure someone has a hand on her when we open the brooder. These guys love to fly out into our faces as we attempt to change water, shavings and food. 

The Barred Plymouth Rocks are getting so cute. They have a much more "in your face" personality than the Golden Bovans. We've called them our little ninjas. they love to run and fly at the others. 


Check it out! Note that while the sun rises and sets at the big bolded times, it is actually light for an hour on either side. This is the time of the year when keeping up with inside chores gets harder. Outside chores are screaming for attention. All the snow is finally melted around our yard. 

And so, a new week begins. 

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Allibration - Celebrating Allie Part 2

 Today is Allibration! As we discussed Allie's desires for a "graduation ceremony" she suggested a family trail ride. We talked a bit more and I suggested a BBQ where folks could share a Scripture, quote or song lyrics with her and we would pray a blessing over her together. She liked that idea, too. The logistics of doing it all in one day simply didn't work. Victory couldn't handle family and friends on a trail ride, and we didn't think we'd be back in time to host friends the same day. We planned for 24 and had was a fantastic gathering. is Allibration  - the day we celebrate all things Allie. Although, in truth, we are celebrating God's faithfulness to Allie. We are giving special acknowledgement to the educational milestone she has worked hard to reach. 

We planned to have an outside BBQ and it began raining on Friday and into Today. Michael and Dad went to men's breakfast and the girls and I got busy cleaning the house so we could move everyone inside.  About an hour before people were to arrive we decided it was turning into a gorgeous day afterall and we'd pull out the picnic tables and yard toys from storage. People could be in or out. 

Stacia made this darling graduation cake. 

Zoom in for details

The notebook is for everyone to share their bits of wisdom and blessing. That basket was full by the end of the party. 

Setting up the trampoline. I am so thankful Michael thought to do this. The kids loved it.  
Michael, Allie, Nolan and Millie set up the trampoline

Michael was ensconced on the deck with the grill. 
Michael manned the grill 

Shannon, Lindsey, Allie, Joe, Jessica, Krista, Danny, Jennifer
Frank, Joanne, Mona, Mark, JaRissa, Stacia, Nolan, Arielle
Tim and Noah in the background

Alex, Joe, Larissa, Arielle, Jennifer, Krista, Joanne, Frank
Cory, Joisha, Allie

Allie surprised us by preparing a speech. It was very nice, but I'm not going to include the text here. She gave honor to those who walked alongside her and God. 

📷by Lindsey 

We had Allie share as soon as eveyrone arrived so she wasn't nervous about it as the day went on. Others played and visited until the meat was ready. 
Livie and Shannon and Lindsey's girls had fun together

Livie & Allie

This is just a "little bit of sugar"

Sweet cousins - Benny and Gideon

Lindsey, Shannon and Jennifer📷by Lindsey 

The youth began a game of Bocce. When they had exhausted it's thrills, some of the men jumped in. Ed carries a measuring tape with him. Allie says, "He's just like Padre."  Shannon won three games and MI hael won the game Shannon didn't play. 

Michael, Ed, Shannon & Danny📷by Lindsey 

Luke and Danny set up a course

As the afternoon wrapped up we placed a chair in the middle of the yard, and called everyone to gather. This was a challenging moment for Allie, but she was forewarned and did great with all the people crowding around...seriously in her space bubble. I laughed when I heard a Gherkin say, "You'll get used to it Allie. It's a thing."  Most were sensitive and did the hover hand....🙂. Everyone prayed for Allie and it was a great moment. 

The photo on the banner is from the evening we celebrated Allie's acceptance into UNCO. 
Allie and Stacia - Seesters

Allie 📷by Lindsey 

As the banner says, "We are so stinking proud of Allie!"  Part 2 was the perfect compliment to Part 1. 

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Planting Things

I discovered this morning the monitor picks up out in the garden and greenhouse. THIS will open up more time when I can work outside. For now, it is fun to sit in the greenhouse with tea and Bible in the a.m.  As the sun rises earlier it warms up in here earlier. A win for all. 


I've been busy with seeds in various stages of growth.  Our last frost is slated to be May 30th - we'll be ready to go with lots of things to transplant. I hope. 
Brussel Sprouts

I am looking for time to start more seeds and to up - plant many of these seedlings into bigger pots. 

Unfortunately, the weeds are coming to life in the garden.....and we haven't made progress on repairing any of the other warm frames we used last year....and we need to get weed and feed down....I didn't get all the trees and bushes pruned....but's spring!  AND I have a greenhouse that isn't going to blow away. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Grandma Time

We were a bit late getting to Bre's to watch the kids today due to a miscommunication. ugh.  We did redeem the time. LOL  It was a gorgeous spring day - a day made for bike riding. 

Stacia and the kids made up a play and had me film it. Unfortunately,  the file exceeds the limit to share...there was a princess in a tower, a dragon and a knight....

We even pulled out the was a good time.