Thursday, October 11, 2007

Stacia's Rescue

The quiet was broken with cries of, "I need out, I need out".

The search was on. Stacia was missing. More looking - narrowed to the bathroom - more hangars - can't find the cheat key Mike hid somewhere - more tears...finally the door pops open to reveal:

Stacia, big round, red puffy eyes, sitting on the toilet in Zander's underwear.

Zander is totally insulted. Stacia is clingy. I'm still tired. ::snort::
My Visit with Debbie (the dietitian)

I thought I'd write this out so I don't forget. LOL Feel free not to read it. LOL

We had a good visit. She is incredibly encouraging. She gave me three cookbooks (Your Plan to Eating More - fruits and veggies; Naturally Nutritious; and The Good Carb Cookbook), a new exchange book, a plan, and loaned me a Leslie Sansone Walk at Home DVD.

She looked over my food journal and noted that there were two days last week when I didn't make 1200 calories - oops. She said that she isn't worried about analyzing each bite of food I put into my mouth. She said that these general diets are good for the "general" public...but each of us are unique. She noted that I was doing great before. I felt that I needed SOMETHING because I gained 8 lbs...but I gained another 8 on this plan. ::snort:: Then we thought over what had happened this spring/summer that led me to believe that 1200 wasn't working any longer. I got pregnant, miscarried, stopped eating 6 small meals and went to one big meal, traveled for 6 weeks and then woke up and said, "I've gained 8 lbs" and joined a plan that had me eat MORE and made me feel lousy....and I kept gaining..... So really I need to get back on my original plan and stick with it for at least a month before I decide if it is working or not.

She envisions nothing but continued weight gain if I try to keep following the plan. We looked through the charts and she was surprised to see it in black and white. I told her there are studies that explain the reasoning in the back and they'd mean something to HER, so I'll loan her the book. I'd like her to really look over the whole "raise the metabolism" thing and discuss it with me later.

*I* really struggle with eating 1200 calories. I'm full! We discussed how I FEEL since I've been trying to eat 1600 calories a day. She asked if I was hungry on 1200 calories and then laughed and said, "well you are NEVER hungry" and then we discussed that really I don't need more calories and, therefore, I shouldn't feel like I have to force eat or be in some sort of danger.

My Eating plan is basically: 12-1400 calories a day, 10 - 12 produce servings a day, 24-42 grams of protein (YES! much more doable than 90-120), and 20 - 35 grams of fiber. She isn't worried about carbs or fat (as I eat so much produce and really am NOT near the fat limits and my carbs are ALL (except for the nightly dark chocolate) complex carbs). I don't have to count protein. I'll check once in a while and be sure I'm hitting the range. She agreed that there IS nutritional value in produce, including protein. ::snort:: She did suggest that I need more calcium (or some to be exact) and that getting 3 good, low-fat, calcium sources a day would also insure the protein I need.

Vitamins: She said that multi vitamins are OK but that it's best to get your vitamins from your FOOD. She said that there is research that no matter how "healthy" the vitamin you buy your body really doesn't know what to do with the concentrated amount of vitamin.....but in FOOD it is packaged perfectly for your body to utilize. We discussed how God did that. AND I was relieved to not feel guilty about the vitamins I bought 3 weeks ago that I HATE. She said my food journal shows that I'm getting plenty of nutrients from my diet.

Exercise: Yes, they USED to say 3x a week was good. NOW, according to the base's exercise physiologist this is what you need:

~ typical youth/younger adult with no weight to lose needs 30 minutes of cardio most days of the week.

~Weight to lose or middle age (that's me evidently LOL) 45 minutes of cardio most days of the week

~If you've EVER been obese or are obese currently they say you need 60 - 90 minutes of cardio most days of the week.... (I'm assuming pregnancy weights are excluded from this LOL).

Of course, ANY, amount is better than NO amount. LOL

Gary likes circuit training because it IS 30 min of cardio and strength 3x a week....but it isn't enough, according to him and others like him, to even maintain fitness by itself. I should NOT have gone from 45 min of cardio 5 - 6 days a week, to 3 Curves workouts a week. I know that's what I was told - but it obviously isn't working. LOL There is also some question as to weather I am even working hard enough to NEED a day off between circuit training as the machines are hydraulic and not free weights and believe me I'm not ripping muscle. This discussion gave me new resolve to be sure the kids are doing the 30 min NOW because that "ever been obese" thing is huge in the sense of if we can avert it now they won't have to struggle with this when they are 50. LOL

Raising a Metabolism: The goal is to have a metabolism that is functioning. The goal is NOT to eat 2500 calories a day. In other words, the impression I have gotten from MY Curves is that you know your metabolism is functioning at a certain level when you can eat that many calories and not gain...The ultimate goal is phase 3 where you eat 2000 - 2500 28 days a month and diet 2 days a month. I'm not sure why Curves has that much food as a goal, but Debbie says that if I'm feeling good, and my body is stable at 1200 calories then there is no reason to "eat more to raise your metabolism". If your metabolism is functioning at 1600 cal that is what you need. If it functions well at 1200 or 2000 - THAT is what you need. BUT the goal isn't to continually raise the level of calories you eat. She said that when I do plateau that the key is to intensify my workout. I'm sure we'll talk about that more later because at this point (after 4 weeks of the plan I've been on) I have 21 lbs to lose! ::snort:: I'm not at the "let's maintain" stage.

Basically - your body likes a consistent diet (calories, produce etc) but a variety of exercise.

All in all a good talk. I agreed to come back and visit. I would like to make the monthly cooking class they are doing, it just is very difficult with the produce co-op...but maybe I will anyway. Once again, she told me I'm doing things RIGHT and shouldn't be worrying about adding this or that or whatever.....

This is ONE appointment I had today. I'm far too tired to write about anything else.

I got out of the house early this a.m. - hit Walmart at 5:30 and there discovered that is truly not Friday. However, at 5:30 a.m. there are no angry shoppers, no clerks yelling at customers, and I didn't see one accident. I am starting to do a price comparison again. I do this every time we move. I did it two years ago and found that shopping at Walmart and the Commissary was even - and Walmart is WAY closer. Prices, however, have gone crazy again. We are now buying different things than we were two years ago. For instance, there was not ONE walnut, not ONE at Walmart that didn't have BHT. AND on the whole shelf of chocolate chips there is only ONE brand that doesn't have artificial flavors and colors in it. If I'm going to buy name brand as opposed to Walmart brand - I'm guessing the commissary is cheaper.

Sherri, a Bible Study friend, informed me Tuesday night that the going rate to tip baggers at the commissary is $1 per CART. Debbie and Ivey concurred. I had been told the going rate was $1 per BAG - this will also affect my price comparisons. Mike will be a happy camper when he gets back and finds out that I am committed to no longer tipping $10 per cart. The bagger won't like me as well. Sherri's son is a bagger and says that is the average rate. $1 per cart - I can't believe it.

What was I saying - I got up early. I'm still tired. I began comparing prices and bought MILK and EGGS because I was OUT....and can you believe the first milk I saw was $5.45 a gal? The cheapest eggs (not the free range/Omega 3 eggs) were $1.54 a dozen. I thought they were still .75 a dozen. Two thoughts here - I'm not doing as bad on my grocery budget as I thought. LOL Buying organic/natural is proving to be closer in price to Walmart than I thought.

Since this is Thursday, I'd better go get school going and I have an appointment on base in 3 hours to see the work out today....but then the adrenaline of stepping in Walmart, the shock of the price of milk and the near accident on the way home - must count for something.

Accident? Have I mentioned that TX is the only state I know where "yield" means "come to a full and sudden stop?" I'm not sure it is ALL Texans - could just be those of a certain age - but the ladies two cars in front of me came to a full and sudden stop causing a chain reaction that sent my milk flying off the seat onto my eggs......The camera isn't working - must be time for Mike to come home.
Yes, even with rising grocery costs....and mixed up calendars. ::snort:: I should have brought some fruit.