Wednesday, May 30, 2007


In between itching, and painting children, and spraying children.....I talked on the phone. Yes, all day. I really don't like talking on the phone...but such is life.

I got details for an alternative produce co-op that I can offer to our members. We'll not have co-op for 5 weeks as I'm gone. I need that info for the newsletter that I didn't get written today.

I began making calls for alternatives to shop natural - and to see what members want to do. We do have local options - but they DO cost more.....and there are some things we don't have local options for. Grains, dried fruits, and raw nuts that are natural, but not organic. It is looking like we'll go to a quarterly order so that we can still get those items...and I'm working to see if the local health food store will give a case discount etc to members who want to order through him....but he does only organic. (Which is why we can't get reasonably priced grains, nuts, and dried fruit from him). LOL This involved 3 calls to date.....
I've been calling hotels, campgrounds etc.
I paid bills.

THEN it appears that an email went out to the chaplain corp letting them know about our loss. To those friends of ours who are chaplains - um - I'm working on an email to send out to friends and family. I simply haven't been able to get the wording right. The system beat me to it. It's on my list to send out the email tomorrow even if I don't find the right words. {G} Cool thing - we got an email Day Spring card from the overseas base where Mike was deployed....and THESE came from the Chief of Chaplains office....
I'm trying to eat right again. Oops....salad at 3 and forgot dinner....gotta fix that or I'll never lose the rest of my weight - or get stronger.
And here it is 9:30 and I realize it is WEDNESDAY and not TUESDAY and I didn't get our produce order in. Oops...guess that moves to the urgent list tomorrow.


A big thank you to Beth (Southern Belle) who suggested I try Vacation Rentals By Owners for lodging in Alaska. The funny thing is that we HAD rented a private cabin for our 20th wedding anniversary so we KNEW you could do this but never thought of it for vacations.

I quickly checked and there were lots of options in AK. I found a GREAT house -2200 sf/4 bdr/2 bath and the lady wouldn't let us stay because we had to many kids! WHAT? SHE Said it slept 8-10. Whatever. Many places are already taken but I did find a 3 bdr apartment and the lady is fine with our kids. She has three apartments side by side and said she is use to working with large families. I called Microtel - not a fancy hotel...and for us to stay it would be $190 per room per the apartment with kitchen, more beds, one spot instead of two rooms....will be cheaper!

Better yet - I checked for TX and am mapping out more vacation spots for the future...but I STILL hate reserving tickets, rooms's just far to expensive for our family. LOL


Well...when THIS is the highlight it's been one of those days. ::snort::

BUT here's the rest of the story. I was getting after Stacia for writing on the couch. I called the older children in and told them that they have GOT to keep the pens and stuff up so that THIS doesn't happen.

Zander looked up and said, "um...I did it". I was thrilled he stepped up and didn't let me continue to think it was that's a good thing. He's still trying to clean the marks and that's the bad thing. I'm not sure what will take it off...if anything....


Here's a further update. I went to the Dollar Store to find some CHEAP fingernail polish for the kids to use. I was quite sure I'd stick with spray Benadryl for ME. No polish. I zipped across the parking lot to Walmart (gee - for hating to go in there I've sure been there a lot this week!).

Yesterday I bought their last two bottles of Chiggerex - and the boys had used it all by mid-a.m. I bought the last two spray bottles of Benadryl....then I found the oldest clerk I could - and she was old. YES - she'd lived here all her life. YES - she knew HOW to cope with chiggers. FINGERNAIL POLISH.....

I bought a bunch since the boys had used 1/2 my good stuff in one day. I bought all sorts of colors so they can have fun color coordinating. Funny thing is that I'm now covered with pink, purple, and blue clear would have been good too. ::snort::
I decided attitude was everything here so I put it all in a nice basket with a bow and called the children together. I told them to CHOOSE JOY and here's the basket with help. They didn't seem to appreciative of the lecture...but they're trying. Poor Mike, Jamin, and Josiah had to WORK. At least I can lift my shirt and scratch my blue dots when they itch. ::snort::

Blog Comments

Oh - the trial of figuring out what to do with comments. I used to write posts like these and respond to comments this way. But now there are more comments and it's easier to comment where the comment is left.

BUT do any of you go back and read my responses????? Should I just ignore comments????

I am signed up to get your comments in my email box now - AND IT IS FINALLY WORKING. This means that if you comment on an old post I know about it - and I don't have to scan back to see if someone may have posted and I missed it. But if you comment on an old post do YOU go back to see if I responded????? I have no idea.

One comment I did want to respond to and be sure Susan saw : "I was always told to eat lots of hard boiled eggs and gelatin when you have blood loss issues. Tuna & salmon fillets are great too." What an awesome confirmation, Susan. Thanks. I've been CRAVING eggs and SALMON and TUNA the past few days. How cool of God to program our bodies to crave what we need.

Anyway - what do you think about comments? Do YOU ALL GO BACK AND CHECK? Those who have blogs - do you answer questions in the comment section. It seems if someone asks a question, they'd go back and remember to see the answer????

Of course on my blog if I don't answer a question they can always use the chat box to catch my attention too......

How do you all handle this????

Book Review: The Ministry of Motherhood - Questions

Gift of Inspiration Discussion Questions:

There are some great questions here. I am eager to comment on a couple of these, but in keeping with my desire not to squelch conversation I am going to refrain from commenting until others have begun to post on the entry - letting me know that readers are ready to discuss.

I do want to say that for questions 1 and 2 I would suggest you make this a matter of prayer and's that important. I would suggest that you not get "stuck" here in the book - but that you realize that it may take a period of weeks to clearly discern the answers here. In other words pray, meditate, continue on and let this "marinate" or "simmer". Another idea - I bought journals for each of our children. I asked all to write a note or letter to each other on their birthdays - and I put notes in these too along the lines of the questions below....

1.For each child in your household, write out a list of characteristics (personality traits, skills, interests, etc) that you believe God can use for his purposes.

2. Referring to the lists you just made, write a letter to each child expressing what you see in him or her and affirming that God has a special place for that child in his kingdom purposes. Whether you share the letter with your child now or save it for a future time depends on your circumstances. Don't forget to commit this list to the Lord in prayer and specifically ask him for help in inspiring that child to use his or her gifts to help bring about God's kingdom.

3. Read Matthew 6:33. Consider the way you spend your time and your money. What does this say to your children about what is most important to you, and is this the message you want to send? In light of this verse, should a mother's children be her first priority?

4. Read Matthew 6:25-30 and Psalm 10:1. Then think of a time and place where you really felt the power and magnificence of God as displayed in the work of his creation. In the coming few weeks, be on the alert for opportunities to look, observe, ponder - and point out God's wonders to your children. Set a goal of saying, "Come, look!" at least once a day.

5. Read Matthew 9:36. Can you think of some fears or prejudices in your life or your particular culture that might keep you or your children from seeing people as Jesus did? (What kinds of people do you tend to shy away from or find it hard to care about?) What might help you overcome these attitudes?

I have far to much time to think about this. ::snort:: From here on out - Sally's quotes in normal font and color. My comments in alternate color. Easy.

Cool Baby Ticker


Michelle sent this to me. It arrived when we were waiting for a heartbeat and I didn't have the heart to change my ticker...simply wanted to not look at my ticker really...BUT this is COOL. When I found out we had twins I spent time inputting was fun....and well...o.k. I'll admit it because I know I'm not the only one...curiousity got the better of me and I put 10 babies in to see what it would look like. ::snort::

I'm sharing so those of you who may be pregnant can maybe use it - if you like. I liked that it shows development and really packs a pro-life wallop - I would think. It hit me anyway.

Maybe some day in the future this little guy will show up on my blog again. Thanks, Michelle, for sharing with me. I've had fun with the ticker.


I spent time online trying to find chore charts.

I went to the POST OFFICE, TWICE..... We exchanged the girls' main birthday gifts and upgraded to a better one at Mike's request. I can't say more about that until they open their gifts this weekend. I also mailed two PBS books.

I bought fingernail polish and Chiggarex...and need to go do that again today.

I made a new produce co-op order form. Mike and I discussed how to handle being gone with both co-ops.

I thought more about how to handle Shop Natural's new $50 per month fee.

We began making campground reservations for our upcoming trip....and hotel reservations in Eagle River....Darshia - if you know of nice, cheap type motels in Anchorage or ER - email me or comment. The ones I was finding in Anch were $189 - 250 a night and we need two rooms - too much. We're thinking of those two in Eagle River. Let's make plans to see each other while we're there. I'm sure the boys will want to go fishing. I'm thinking I need to work Curves in somewhere. LOL OR we could bag Curves and do Coldstone. LOL We really have no plans. OH - and there are any businesses that advertise for cheap rental cars? Otherwise, I'll keep checking online. LOL

I observed and learned much about my children's personalities from the various reactions to the chiggar affliction. Maybe we'll study the Egyptian plagues today - have a bit more empathy for the Egyptians today. ::snort::
Not sure what else I did - but I was tired at the end of the day.

We're Miserable - Thank you Chiggers

I had thought that Mike, myself, and the younger boys were immune from chiggars as we'd not gotten them yesterday. We'd all taken showers immediately. BUT Mike and I woke up with bumps and itching this a.m.

The older boys and Arielle couldn't sleep well last night. I'm itching something fierce this a.m.

I wonder if I'll EVER get them to go geocaching again?????
This is NOT the worst...they are worse around the waistband and lower, around bra lines, ....and I ain't taking or posting photos.