Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Day 2 - Edwards AFB, CA - Holbrook, AZ

We started the day in our $5 budget RV spot at Edwards AFB.....
Some roads really do lead nowhere - and this is one them at EAFB

Yuuki enjoys a seat to herself while the kids watch Frozen

The highlight of the day was a whole BUS LOAD of Japanese Senior Citizen tourists we ran into in a desolated spot in AZ. I wanted to tell them all America is not like THIS. To be honest - America IS beautiful, but we've seen a whole lot of ugly today.  It was hot, run down, dusty....and they were SO impressed with the trailer and the big trucks. "Sagoi, Sagoi....Oki".....and Michael sat at the wheel and had many photos taken.
We stopped for the night in Holbrook, AZ.  Odd RV park - looks like they leveled 1/2 of a trailer park and built an RV park..... Arielle and I quickly spotted "Creepy man" as we headed to the showerhouse. He has no tent or RV....just pulled his car off across from us and sits......
I thought it would be nice to bring the fruit "bowl" into the trailer....nope...going to need to find something smaller when we move in. LOL
In her space bubble