Monday, July 30, 2012

Getting Back into a Routine

0500 prayer walk on the beach today with Yuuki.  As we began our walk I told God I would LOVE to find a float - several of our family have.  I walked to one end of the beach, turned and walked back to the surf beach, thought about going  back as the 0600 "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" music played, really sensed God saying, "Settle down, linger for a bit, walk a bit further," so I did. I walked back to the surfer's beach....again I kept thinking "linger with Him a bit longer," and so I kept walking and praying and praising....and stumbled over THIS.....

My first float. I wasn't even thinking about looking, it wasn't hidden in the was just SITTING ON THE BEACH....and I walked all the way to the next breaker....then climbed to the top of the seawall and walked back to the car at Momoishi.  It has cleaned up fairly well - though I have some more oil to remove. 

Prayer Walks seem to wear Yuuki out. She spent several hours in her chair when we got home...after breakfast and water, of course. 

Spent time organizing and decluttering. 

Helped the younger two with some summer school.  I envisioned recess playing in the water to mean SPRINKLER....they had plans with hoses, buckets and such....I moved them to the grass. 

Cooked up some beans and rice, packaged for easier use in salads, and stir fries....also packaged up cashews and raisins for easier "travel". 

Researched some veggie recipes.  Yes, we ARE implementing some changes to our diet this month. 

Tonight was youth group. I wasn't sure the kids could stay awake, but we gave it shot. I met Michael at base and he came home with the two younger. I stayed with Arielle, Nolan and Sam (friend) and read. I fell asleep.

Choosing Joy!
©2012 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...