Saturday, January 05, 2019

12th Day of Christmas - Ice Fishing with Friends

Michael and I pondered what would be a uniquely Alaskan Winter adventure our friend Don would enjoy? Don would have been happy to simply be together, but we wanted something he'd love.

I asked Josiah if he would be willing to take us all ice fishing. He was. We arrived and he and Izaak had four holes augured out.  Josiah bought a propane heater. A nice addition to the ice fishing kit.  It was -5*.....that's cold.  Mission accomplished. We all had a great time, Don enjoyed an Alaskan experience and we all made it home without serious frost bite. We caught trout and land locked salmon (can't spell that C fish name). Everyone limited - we ended up with a total of 25. Izaak and Josiah each got 5.
One of Don's

Thank you so much, Josiah. 
 Beth and I, 36 years later on a lake in Alaska. 

Can you believe no gloves? They said it was easier with hooks etc....

 JaRissa are home from TX in time to join us
Lassie, Larissa, Roscoe, Jared

 Stacia is stepping into Krista's role - she caught the biggest fish. 

Krista purchased a non-resident license for herself....and limited out with line and a hook.

An eagle, watching and waiting for an opportunity to nab some lunch

I told them to, "look like siblings." LOL 
Alex, Stacia and Jared
Izaak picked up Bre and the kids and they joined us at the house. Izaak has the fishing, processing thing down so that it all gets done in one day. I couldn't figure it out as I brine mine for 12 - 24 hours.  He showed us the process. We brined, smoked, and then canned our 25 fish ....we ended up with  15 jars. Six are going home with the Bs and Krista.

Our smoker did great even in -7* weather. It held the temp just fine. Michael is our hero.
Phone camera doesn't want to function in these temps

A little cat nap
 We visited. We watched a Spurs game. We had Salmon for dinner. We canned fish. We watched Tim Hawkins.
Bella and Gideon 


A singer like her mama





We had a wonderful day.