Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sunny Day Projects

We have  been enjoying the sun! Stacia likes history much better in the sun. 

Michael took advantage of the sun to replace the heating element in our hot water heater! 
It was time.

See the legs sticking out of  the rear hatch? Tom and Sandy have been great neighbors while we've been stationary at Beale. Tom came over to help Michael.   

Everything is always cheerier with a touch of sun! 

Catching Up

I'm realizing anew the unique opportunity Michael and I had to serve a young congregation while he was in the Air Force chaplaincy..... somewhere along the line I made lots of "young" friends. I didn't realize how odd this was until the last few years when I realized most my friends were my daughter's ages. ::snort::  Funny how that works - we were all the same age at our first assignment. ::snort::

One such friend is Rachel and her husband Matt and children. It was a delight to be able to eat together tonight and connect in person.  These kids are my "first set of grand kids."  I was a bit worried Elli has entered the "stranger danger" phase since we last saw them.

 I had no such concerns with Joy. She ran out to the driveway, "Grandma De'Etta and Stacia are here!" I'm sure she's thrilled to see the boys and Michael as well.
Joy & Stacia
Star Wars Risk...Nate, Zac and Seth prefer the boys company to mine. ::snort:: 

Melts my heart - Nate is a great big brother!
 Spending time with this family is a soothing balm to our hearts! We are blessed our stagnation has resulted in a few more visits. We are excited to see God confirming His call and plan in their lives.

And Elli? Yes, she warmed up to us. How do I know? Well - would one share her most impressive tricks with just ANYONE?????
I tried - I can't do this. 
 Seriously, she let me hold her, smiled for me, cooed...and this is all good because we're having a pizza game night with the kids next Friday so Rachel and Matt can go to a big shindig to honor Matt and the others receiving quarterly's a good thing she warmed back up to us.
I think she'll be an orator - look at those expressive eyes and gestures
Thanks, Matt and Rachel. We had a great evening!